Laccinato Kale

jspringer4December 1, 2012

Went down to my community garden plot and something or someone had ripped off all of the leaves on my kale plants, including the tops. Does anyone know if kale leaves will grow from lower on the stem if the tops are gone, or am I kale-less for the rest of the year? :(

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

It is 'possible' depending on the extent of the damage and how well established the plant root system. But the odds are no better than 50:50 in my experience. Plus the rabbits usually beat me to the new growth.

It's not too late to start some more.


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Show a pic. I have had Kale that had not foliage whatsoever just a stem. And it grew a whole head of leaves again.

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KrakenQueen(8b, Savannah GA)

I've noticed with my kale plants that it's pretty hard to kill them off (at least in my experience) just by topping and taking all the leaves. Mine would produce more side shoots and leaves in no time.

Good luck! Sorry to hear something happened to your greens :C

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I keep forgetting to take my phone with me when I go down there, so still no pictures. The brussels sprouts that were mangled at the same time are done for, I think. The kale, though, has some tiny leaves starting to sprout along the stems. Yay!

I think it must have been some sort of brassica loving animal. I had carrots, beets, alliums, and one lonely lettuce in my plot that weren't touched and the only other damage in the whole garden was to the lady's plot next to mine who had some small broccoli or cauliflower plants that were eaten down to the soil.

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If it wasn't human thieves, it might have been deer. They love my kale and collards too.

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