I think this could become a sickness..

soonergirl1968(7a OKC)June 18, 2010

I stayed up until midnight looking at "junk" ideas on the internet and got up at 5:00 am to check out the garage sales in the paper. I'm starting to get the feeling I may be developing another hobby (or as my friends like to call them... OBSESSIONS:) Antiques, cake decorating, pebble mosaics, gardening, and now JUNK! lol

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There is probably a 12 step program for our addiction....but who really wants to do it? Welcome to Junk Addicts Anonymous! :)

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Marlene Kindred

YES!!! One more joins our ranks! Welcome to the wonderful world of Junque!!

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Hi. My name is Tracy, and I'm a junkaholic. The problem is, I don't want to recover!!!

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I'm afraid you are past "thinking" it could become a sickness...
you're already there! LOL. And this site makes it a highly contagious one! If a 12-Step Program exists, I'm sure no here would know about it. LOL. And don't want to.

Everytime I look at photos of neat GJ stuff, I find myself wanting to make it ALL. Good thing I'm not physically able, heaven knows where I'd put it. But I still WANT it.

hugs, Karen

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Yes, yes... I guess there are worse things we could be addicted to. I have hit every thrift store in town TWICE and heading to the swap meet at 7:00 am!! :)

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That's all I look for when I go to garage or estate sales. Anything that will work in one of my gardens. Found some goodies today.

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Many of us share this sickness, obsession, obsessive cumpulsive behavior, whatever!!!! And Purplemoon, you are right, it is highly contagious once you have found this site, we catch the bug for life!!
Am now on first name basis with the personal that work at the thrift shop in my town. They point out things they think I might use. I will soon put my first totem together. I just need a couple more pieces of glassware. I love it! Then I will learn how to post a picture of it to share with all of you.

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Marlene Kindred

But, isn't it so wonderful that something as simple as finding a "treasure" at a junk shop, the dump or GS gives us all such a thrill! If only the rest of the world could be made happy so easily!

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The one good thing ... it is a relatively cheap addiction. lol! Especially when so much of what people use is free. Glad to have you in Junker's Anonymous, soonergirl1968! The only problem here is that instead of discouraging you from getting carried away with junkin' the folks here will just tell you where the best things can be bought, give you ideas to create more or applaud your own junkin' efforts. Maybe it should be Junkin' Enablers Anonymous?

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

I totally agree with everyone else's comments! I love my junky addictive personality! LOL


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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Well, I made out like a bandit at the swap meet yesterday morning!! You gotta love a place where you don't have to pay over $5 for ANYTHING! I took some of my finds and made my dad a father's day present I think he will love. I'll take pictures this afternoon and post them later. I can't believe how much fun it is to buy junk!

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