please help my spider plant!!

jake579October 7, 2013

I bought this spider plant a few months ago and it has been a downhill expierence since the day I brought it home. the leaves have been browning along with the stallons and babies. I give it water when it starts to dry out but not completly dry as I was told it likes to be kinda moist. its in a rather sunny window so I'm not sure what's going on with it but she is not happy lol please help! I had another picture but the site would not let me upload

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Looks like a transplant is an order. Is this an exotic angel plant? How did it look when you bought it? If I were you I'd take it out of its pot and have a look at the roots, if it's completely pot bound get a new hanging basket and transplant. If the roots look damaged I'd take away the old soil and repot in the same pot with fresh soil after having trimmed off the dead stuff. Also the soil looks moldy. Is there air circulation where you have placed the plant? Is your water hard? Have you been fertilizing it? How often do you water? To me, it seems something is wrong with the soil.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I think the info here may helpful to you. That 'soil' looks like it is suffocating/rotting the roots.

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It does look like it but when I changed the dirt the roots were all still white and fat. it was a bad batch of dirt, I had other plants grow the white stuff on top too.I had repotted it the first time I gave it a hair cut And I guess that didn't help it any. thank you for the link purpleinopp!

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Do you water in sips and have you fertilized it? How much water and fertilizer and how long between waterings?

Is that mold on top?


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I give it roughly a cup and half of water every few weeks if the soil feels dry...I think it was mold on top the bag of dirt was only a couple months old. I don't fertalize because I put it into some miracle grow....bad choice? Thank you all for your help it is much appreciated!!!

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