Kiwi vine decor???

giggles1June 21, 2010

For Father's Day, I got my DH 3 Kiwi plants from Lowe's. I was very surprised to find out that they had a variety for zone 4! 25% off right now, about $7.50 each.

Does anyone have experience w/ them? According to the tag, they should be spaced 12-15ft apart & grow 15' wide! You must have a male & a female, and only the females bear fruit. I got 2 girls & a boy (which is what we actually have!) and told him he's getting triplets... yea, right, we're in our 50's!

I'd like some suggestions on decorative planting. I figured we have a sunny blank backside of a fence, but the tag said "moist" and hubby said it's rather dry there - wikipedia said "well-drained", I thought if I "loamed" and watered the area it might work??? Just how bushy do they get?

OR, I have a pear & an apple tree spaced just right, they're dwarf, thought I could plant the kiwis inbtwn and run wirey decor btwn them???

Hubby wants to make some arbors just before the tree line, they'd get plenty of sun morning til around 3pm. Reading, these get very heavy and need a STONG arbor.

Any special ideas for any large vines like wisteria? I'd like to keep in the "junk" decor.

Thanks, Vicki

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I don't know anything about kiwi plants. however, You might go to the garden web forums page and check under 'fruits and orchards' or 'tropicals' and find the info you need by asking there.
Arbors for wisteria have to be really strong, to hold them up. You can keep one in the 'tree shape' by diligent pruning. I have a white wisteria on a strong clothlines post-- 2 1/2 inch galvanized pipe--it needs to be trimmed drastically, after it blooms, every year.

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Marlene Kindred

I too would be very careful with the wisteria...they are VERY aggressive and will send trailing roots EVERYWHERE if you're not very careful! Beautiful flowers, but hard to control. I have a fall blooming clematis here in VA that does beautifully and smells heavenly when it blooms in Aug/Sept. I have cut it to the ground on several occasions and it always comes back. Also, there are several climbing roses, other clematis and decorative honeysuckle or jasmine that might work for your area too. Let us see what you come up with!

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I think the dwarf apple &

pear would suffer if the kiwi were planted between them as both need pretty much full sun. If they spread 15 ft you would probably lose sight of the dwarf trees. Jan

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Kiwi vines are vines, they don't get "bushy". They do need something sturdy to climb on and they can quite get large. Your DH has the right idea about arbors but when those are full of kiwi vine will it shade your fruit trees? All fruit bearing plants need sun and a good amount of it. They are also heavy feeders, too many "fruiters" too close together often starve.
The "sunny backside of a fence" area may work, what kind of soil do you have there? I don't know what you mean when you say you could "loam" the soil. Loam is a type of soil, do you mean add compost or organic matter? Kiwi vines can use a lot of water, are you sure you want to start this chore? Lots of hose dragging could be in your future.
'Special ideas for large vines", do you already have some or would you like to add them to your collection?

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Kiwis take some serious work and effort to make them productive. Don't be discouraged if you want kiwis- then I say grow kiwis!

Here is a link that I used when I was planning my kiwi adventure.

Here is a link that might be useful: kiwi growing guide

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