Recently Repotted Plants Have Roots Coming Out Bottom! Help!

uniquelydivine(6)October 20, 2012

Hi Everyone,

So I repotted some plants on 9/3/12, approximately 7 weeks ago and some now have the roots coming out the bottom.

I made sure I placed enough soil to reach at least half of the pot before I placed the plant in while repotting so I don't know how the roots are coming out the bottom so soon.

They are in bigger pots (most were 6 inch plants and were repotted in about 8 and 3/4 pots).

I have a pothos at work that was rooting in water and I repotted it in an 8 inch pot and I saw a root coming out the bottom yesterday. I also have a Peace Lily I bought in April and roots are coming out the bottom as well (its at work too).

What do you all recommend that I do? I don't know why the roots would be coming out the bottom so soon and the pots they are in should be a good size (I've read the many forums on here about going too big).

Should I just take the plant out of the current pot, add more soil to the bottom and then place it higher up? Is that be a good idea? Will the plant be OK?

I don't want to harm them.

Also, I have a some questions regarding the Peace Lily. When I bought it in April, it was blooming. It stopped in August and hasn't bloomed since. New leaves are growing but no flowers. Is this normal? Should I give it plant food to bloom? Also the tips are browning and some of the leaves also have brown spots. What can be the cause of this? It is under flourescent light at work. Any suggestions?


Pic of pothos from the top:

Pic of pothos from the front (see the size of the pot...looks like its big enough yet a root is coming out):

Pic of bottom of pothos:

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Those particular plants LOVE moisture at the bottom of the pot, reaching for the moisture and air outside into your saucer.


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You should take it as a good sign that it has put on this growth so quickly! I don't think there is any reason to be concerned about it. That's really a very small amount of root showing. If the roots have filled the pot, you may find the plant's growth rate slows down and it will also require more frequent watering, but it won't die just because it's in a cramped pot.
Pothos are very tough plants and they don't die very easily, so don't be nervous. :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Now that you know it's harmless, if it still bothers you, you can just clip it off, which won't harm the plant at all.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I wouldn't worry about the Pothos, but might put the PL in a bigger pot soon.

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As for the peace lily not blooming, I would suspect that it probably is not getting enough light to bloom if the only light it gets is overhead fluorescent office light. If you can move it near a northern or eastern window, that would probably help it bloom.
Peace lilies can survive low light but don't necessarily bloom well without a certain amount of light - although you also have to be careful not to put them in such intense light that the leaves get sunburned, so avoid western and southern windows.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Try growing a peanut, boy do they grow fast! Had to repot mine twice in the same year!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Last weekend I was checking my plants to see if any needed repotted before being brought inside for winter soon, and MOST of them did, after being root pruned (severely in most cases, that 's just how I roll) and repotted just this spring. The pots were almost all full of extensive roots with nowhere left to grow. Feel like I'm having trouble finding stability, and it looks like most of these plants would grow roots to China in a short time if the pot bottoms weren't blocking their way.

Until very recently, I considered once per year as repotting quite often. I like to think I've gotten better at making a mix the plants like, which seems to be true from looking at these roots, but am wondering if there's a "sweet spot" I'm missing? Can I keep the plants as happy but slow the root growth down? Probably not. Either I need to accept
bi-yearly repotting or get more ridiculously huge pots. I already often get comments on my pics like, "that pot may be too big for that plant." How can that be if it's full of roots and the roots are coming out of the drain holes?

Spider plant after 6-7 months:

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Is it a good idea to repot the plants now (its cold). I see the roots coming out the bottom of a Croton. Should I repot it too? I repotted it in September.

The peace lily has brown spots in the middle of some leaves and almost all have brown tips. As I mentioned, its receiving artificial light and I cannot move it elsewhere since people occupy the offices with windows. What do you all suggest? Should I feed it with plant food?


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Uniquely, you repotted it in September ? Leave it till spring. I reckon crotons are pretty tender. I couldnt grow one.

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@ greenlarry, yes I just repotted and roots are coming out the bottom. Guess I will leave it until spring then. Would it be a problem if a whole lot of roots go through the bottom?

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