Successful show and mini tea cup feeders

luvs2clickJune 14, 2010

On a high from my show this past weekend and had to post a few pictures. I especially wanted to show Kirk the mini tea cup feeders I made for my fairy gardens since I believe he is the one who posted the idea asking for suggestions for stakes. I used a 3" roofing nail and E6000 glue - it worked great and they were a huge hit. I placed them in my largest fairy gardens and then offered the rest for sale. They literally FLEW off the table. Everyone loved them - thanks for the idea!! I even did the teapots also and they sold as well. I could have sold many many more. Anyway, it was super hot and humid and a little shower on Sat. but still had an awesome show. I ended up making $2001 - that is my all-time high for any show and I've been doing shows forever. Unfortunately the tea cups are a little washed out in all my pictures, but you get the idea. Too tired to resize anymore pictures, so I'll post my flickr photo album link if you'd like to view more photos. Had to post one of my busy booth with people standing in line to pay - oh it was heaven!!


Here is a link that might be useful: more pictures from my show

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Wow! I'm really impressed. You have great looking stuff. No wonder people were standing in line to buy it.

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Marlene Kindred

Way to go Luvs!! That's just great that you did so well in your show! Love the mini totems and all of the fairy/gnome planters in the enamelware pans, etc. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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Now that's what I call a show. I can see why you had standing room only. How much does your average fairy garden sell for? They are simply adorable and I'm going to break down and do one.

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WAY TO GO!!!!! I'm sooo glad you sold the mini-teacupsfeeders! I LOVE IT!!!!! I made several too from old teasets and placed them in pots inside and out. You are a true artist!!! If you were closer, I would be your best customer at your shows!!!! :o) Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Those are sooo cute!

Did you put drainage holes in those roasters and pans?

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WOW...thanks for all the work SO HARD making all this great GJ (art) & sure am happy that you share your ideas & pics! Your fairy gardens are even more gorgeous than last yr! Very, very nice work, luvs!

Those little t-cup totems are very cute & the nail is an awesome idea! Glad you had a great day...well-prepared & well-deserved! Jeanne S.

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Thanks all - they are a lot of work but fun work. Also the hardest part is keeping the coons out of them after I get them planted. They like to root things up - soooo frustrating! We've had a ton of rain and things just really took off in them.

In answer to a few questions, yes, there are drainage holes in the bottom of all the pans, even the ceramic ones. My husband uses that diamond tip bit or whatever it is called to drill those for me. Otherwise I use a nail and a hammer in the roaster pans and other enamelware.

Also, the square ceramic ones, the mossy looking ceramic ones and the large roaster pans all run $25 and they go down from there - some $20, some $15, depending on what accessories I have in them and their size. I have a rock garden planted with all those sedums and ground covers so I don't have a lot of cost in plants. I do buy some moss, etc. at the local nursery. I bought the ceramic pots at a wholesale store and all the other pans I pick up really cheap at yard sales all summer.

I've worked toward this show all through the winter - much like a full-time job, so when you look at it that way, it pays very little! So.....I guess I just do it for fun.


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They are just great I love all of them .Some really good garden junk going on.How do they fair as for as sun or shade is concern .

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Love them all and took the opportunity to look through your album~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stunning.

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Love the pans of plants & with chair & fairy, & other cute things. The 1/2 strawberry jar planted looks so great & all your work shows in the care you use setting up your booth & way you make the displays so people can actually see them. Glad the rain helped out!! Did you paint the chair too. it is so cute!! I think you had something for everyone & it is booth that cries "I've got to have that" Your circus tent like canopy is very enticing too!!Jan

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Over $2000? WOW! Congratulations

Over $2000? Wow!! Congratulations. Love your fairy gardens.

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Thanks again all!

nanatricia - they are good in sun or shade. Most are ground covers and I have them growing in a rock garden which gets lots of sun. The pans can sit out all winter - I just advise bringing in the accessories. I had some out under a huge snow drift all winter and they all came back.

Jan - I didn't paint the chairs. Those belong to the lady in the next booth. The tent was provided by the show, I just rented a double space of it. There were 4 other vendors in the same tent. One lady had the painted chairs, another had planted chairs and oil paintings, another had jams and flavored honeys, and the other had carved (engraved) rocks and birdbaths hewn out of stone.

A few people had glass plate flowers and bird baths - quite expensive too, I might add. One vendor had a unique concept and I wish I had taken a picture for the board, but I hate it when people take pictures in my booth, so I didn't. He did plate flowers with huge ornate glass plates and other various beautiful glass bowls, and he used a resin coupling on the back that he had designed and molded himself. It had two holes in it that slipped over a PVC or copper pipe in the ground - one allowing it to be an ornamental plate flower (garden art) and one which allowed it to be placed upright on the "stem" (pipe), turning it into a bird bath, feeder or, as he was advertising it, to serve hors d'oeuvres or fruit, cheese, etc. for garden parties. THOSE babies were expensive though - over $150 per item. I was too far away from him to see how many of those he sold, but I'm guessing not many.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

You did a wonderful job on your things. I'm glad you did so well. Just wanted to add something I ran across on the internet somewhere, that would fit in with your little gardens. It was a mini gazing ball made with a marble glued to a golf tee.

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those are so pretty..what type of plants do you use in these types of projects?

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You do amazing work! I will definitely be visting your photos again and again for ideas when my daughter and I start the actual work on our fairy garden. What a talent you have!

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