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blankpagesOctober 20, 2010

Greetings all,

I'm visiting with my folks right now in beautiful Arizona. I'm repotting some of their house plants and trying to identify a couple while I'm at it. Any thoughts?


2. I know this is a common one. Should it be in a smaller pot? I figured probably based on the size of the plant maybe it should...

3. I feel like this one might be a succulent, but I'm not totally sure.

Thanks in advance!


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The first & third are in the kalanchoe family and yes they are succulents. The second is in the philodendron family, I would re-pot into a smaller pot. Happy transplanting :>)

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Jose, in the third pic, is that a little 'tree-shaped' offshoot growing off the stem? Do you see what I mean? It's so cute.
If Christine hadn't mentioned Kalanchoe, it also reminds me of Plectranthus/Swedish Ivy.
Lying next to the Kalanchoe, is a Philodendron Scandens, 'Heart Shape.'

Pic 2 is a Monstera...or split leaf philodendron. Toni

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Thank you Christine and Toni for the ids. Toni, I think it's the perspective on the picture. It's some of the small shoots growing from one of the main branches in a row. While I was transplanting, I realized it wasn't in the best shape. The pot had no hole for drainage so I pulled it out, drilled a large hole in the base and repotted it with some pebbles, perlite and a dry, well-draining potting soil. I cut back some of the long thin leaves that didn't look so great. We'll see how it goes. Now I need to convince my dad to let me repot the mostera. Oh and good eye, that is a heart shape, I didn't even realize that made it into the picture!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

If those plants were mine, I'd lighten up that Monstera's mix, looks very peaty, I'd add perlite or pumice to it to make it faster draining.

The last pix, that plant should be pruned or pinched back, one can put the cuttings into water to root or back into the mother plant. They're long & leggy like that from stretching for more light.

Hiya Toni, I too thought at a glance that last plant was Plectranthus (Swedish Ivy), but if you look closely at the leaf edges, they're a bit too serrated to be that, hence Kalanchoe.

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Thanks pirate girl! I did in fact cut back the last kalanchoe a bit and stick some of the cuttings into the soil of the mother plant and a smaller pot. Like I said, there were some definite problems - it had no options for drainage and was starting to droop a little. I think it gets decent light where it is though.
Thanks for the advice on the mostera. I'm going to mix some perlite in the mix and find it a smaller pot.

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