amccourOctober 3, 2011

I just took a cutting from a noid Pelargonium hybrid that's been growing outside. Gonna try to root it. I have nothing better to do with my time than try to bonsai it and confuse it into forming some semblance of a caudex. It looks like it's mostly got genes from the succulent group, so...

Anyone tried experimenting with pelargoniums indoors, though? Not expecting a lot of success, but it's not like this cost me any money.

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Amccour. I never tried rooting 'caudex' Pelargoniums but I have a couple that were very young when first purchased.

IMO, Pels are easier over-wintering than Geraniums. The only problem is low light. Although lack of sun won't make a difference with the trunk, leaves tend to grow smaller and/or go dormant. Otherwise, Pels are pretty care-free.
Over-watering will kill them, so once you're cutting is established, don't keep soil wet. Let dry.

Sun is always a problem in winter, but artificial light helps quite a bit.

Good luck, Toni

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Under low light conditions stems get thinner, internodes lengthen, and leaves get larger, not smaller.

Pelargoniums seem to be fairly easy indoors & don't mind a cool room as long as you can supply bright light. They do like a very fast soil. I played around with several species and trained them in interesting (bonsai-like) shapes, giving several away to friends each summer until I lost interest.


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Amccour. My Pel is nowhere as nice as Al's...
Only found one pic of my Pel. Don't know its age, but it's a youngin.
This pic was taken in Feb 2011. By spring, it's filled w/foliage. Never bloomed though.

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hopeful: Well, as I said, this cutting's from some indeterminate hybrid from a grocery store. It looks like it's got enough succulence in its genetics that it could turn into something interesting, though.

Also your plant looks a lot like a Cissus tuberosum :D What kind of Pelargonium is it?

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Amccour. If your cutting looks like it has succulent genetics, it will probably turn out a nice-looking plant.

The pic is on my website. I have no idea of it's species, nor where it was purchased. Some time over the years, the tag was lost, probably outside during summer. Toni

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Hm. Looks like the cutting I took is losing its leaves. Hopefully that doesn't end up being a problem. I guess they're sort of deciduous anyway. PROBABLY not the best time of year to try rooting things ;)

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How about the cutting itself? Don't worry about the leaves, especially now.
You letting soil dry between waterings? Toni

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I haven't really given it much water yet since the fresh potting mix was still fairly moist and I'm not sure how much water uptake it can actually do until it has roots.

The *stems* look fine. They're not shriveling or getting soft.

In hindsight I probably should've used roottone.

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