Philodendron micans

greattigerdane(z5NY)October 13, 2010

I have had this plant since the summer. It's growing ok, but the leaves want to stay on the small side. It gets watered weekly and feed a little with each watering.

It was sitting in a west window for some time, then it was moved off to the side a little of a south window where it gets more direct sun which I figured is all it probably needed, but still, the leaves are not getting any larger, just the vines are getting longer.

What's the best light for this plant, LOTS of direct sun? I'm afraid the leaves might burn with too much:(

Here's the philo in a 3" pot

Thanks for any help.

Billy Rae

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Give it support to climb, like moss stick.. most vines in Aroid family tend to form large leaves with shorter inter-nodes when they have some support like trees, rocks, wall etc to climb on..

Morning sun or late afternoon sun are best for it..

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'll add that your plant looks just like others that I've seen.

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Thanks you!

Good to know it looks like others you have seen rhizo....
This plant was from a trade and the leaves were much bigger then, almost twice the size, then they all fell off as newer smaller leaves took their place, even with some direct sun, so that's why I wondered if it still might not be getting enough light.
As far as I know, the trader had this plant in a hanging basket.It could be this plant was in less light, a reason for the larger leaves, maybe....The light it's in now sounds ok then.

I have a plastic narrow trellis I could use for now, then I can get something else for it to climb on later.

Thanks again,
Billy Rae

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Hey Billy!!!!!!!! How are you???

Philo 'micans' is one of the most difficult philos growing as a house plant, indoors.

A local nursery keeps P. 'micans' in hanging pots towards the back..They get bright, indirect light. I believe the secret is humidity.
The leaves on their philos are big, twice the size of yours and mine, so I know what you mean.

Perhaps it's time you and I shower them more, and you know I'm into misting, but mine is behind other plants so iy'd hard getting to. They are very pretty plants..

This last one I bought was small, 3" pot. I placed it inside a plastic, see-through bag..while growing, its leaves, new and old, remained large. When it grew too big for the bag, hung, newer leaves grew as big as when it had extra humidity.

Hope you're's been a long time, 'again.' Toni

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Hey Toni!

I'm better now, been busy with our adopted doggie, "Kayla" (black lab) when I wasn't hurting!
Hurt my back, cracked one of my toes, then fell out of bed and hit my cheek bone on a side table AND my cracked toe on the wall, why? I have no idea why all that happened! Oh yeah, it's been fun ya know? Lol

Yes, it's has been a while see ya and talking to ya. I haven't seen you as much on GW as before (me as well as far as posting) I thought maybe you dropped off the face of the earth to look for plants in the jungle, lol.

These are pretty plants, and it is growing good (minus the leaf size) I think it's the subtle colors in the leaves that makes it stand out nice. It reminds me of the heart-leaf philo in a way, the leaf shape and the way it vines...
Ok, I will try some humidity and see if that's helps any, but that will be the only plant misted, as you know, I'm not a mister, lol.

Hope all is well with you!
Glad to see your still around!
Billy Rae

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Billy, my God!!! You don't know how it happened? Did you go to the hospital? Did everything happen when you fell out of bed? I hope you're feeling better..Sheesh!!

And training a doggie through your ordeal. GL! :)
Kayla is such a pretty name. What's her age? AWWWW...
Oh yeah, Billy, sounds like you had a real ball, lol.
I really hope you're feeling better. Never heard of a cracked a cracked toe the same as a fracture?

Seems like I've been off the face of the earth, lol. First, (spring) carrying plants outside, plus outdoor gardening..outdoor, 2 front gardens, 2 sides, and back yard.
(Summer) This summer was a dud. Too much pain and swelling. I had knee surgery a little over 3 wks ago..while bringing plants back in, it got re-injured. My docs gonna be furious. They said, next step is artificial. After researching this procedure, I do NOT want it done. No, thank you.
While recouping, 'a whole 3 days, some people can't get along w/o spouse/mom,' I pretty much stayed off the puter.. Then, (summer/fall) started bringing plants back in. That's a big job..don't want those darn spiders in the house..EEEKKK. lol
Cleaning each plant individually takes time, so I've been doing a certain amount per day..temp's supposed to drop by tomorrow, and rain..dread it.

Billy, if you mist, since P. micans is fuzzy, spray in early morning.. I spray throughout the day, but treat fuzzy plants different. Also, with non-fuzzies, water is aimed directly at plant, with fuzzies, I change sprayer mode to a wider spray..You can always place it in a more humid part of the house..mine is in the LR, adjacent unobstructed south windows. The humifier is kept in the LR. Non-sprayable plants, sux and AV's are in the same south windows, so my micans doesn't get misted..From now on, 'now that you have me thinking about it,' I will spray/shower more. lol.

Billy, take care of yourself and good luck with Kayla, Toni

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A little off topic...

Everything happened one thing at a time, ugh! I did get some strong pain pills for my back from the Dr. I must be running out of luck, lol. Yes Toni, "fracture" would be a better word! Doing better, but not all the way yet.
Sorry to hear about your knee! I'm sure that was/is painful. I hope your doing better! Avoid surgery as long as you can!!! Oh yeah, Kayla is two and a half:)

I haven't misted the philo as of yet. Weds and Thurs are plant days, so I'll do it then. I might also stick it in a 12" x 12" tabletop green house with a bowl of water, then it won't need misting all the time.I haven't been able to locate the trellis yet, but I know it's in my bedroom somewhere. So between those two things, maybe it will grow a bit larger.
I only put a few house plants out this year, too much of a bother really, between heavy rain storms and windy days, they are better off indoors.

Hope your feeling better!
Talk to you later,
Billy Rae

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Billy, that must have been some accident. Bet it scared the heck out of know that feeling after getting hurt, not only is there physical pain, but emotional, too. Your heart must been working overtime.
Did they put a cast on your toe? It'll take time to heal, so wear practical shoes, such as slippers..nothing tight.
Or are you wearing those paper shoes hospitals give out? lol.
Billy, I already had the surgery. Aug 30. Timing was a mistake..should have waited until plants were inside. In the meantime, I've been bringing in 'x' amount per day; it's taking forever.
I must have reinjured because my knee has swelled again, and very painful. It was a simple Miniscus surgery.

Every autumn, I say the same thing. Next spring certain plants will go outside..then spring comes, and the next thing I know, 90% are are soaking up the sun. lol.
There's about 30 plants outside that need to come in..poor plants, we had a few 30F degree nights. But a person can only do so much. You know?

Actually, depending on the economy, I'd like to move. Next year. I want a house w/o an up and down stairs. We'll see how it goes. Also, w/o steps, I can roll plants in and outdoors, lol.

Is your heat on yet? P. micans have an advantage growing in a humid gh. Their leaves grow big, and also have a puple-ish hue. Does yours?
Maybe I should trellis mine, too. lol. We'll see.

Anyway, hope your toe, back and head heals. You take care of yourself, hugs, Toni

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