Help!!! Plaster Pedestal is disintegrating...

nicole__(z5Colorado)June 28, 2009

A plant shop was closing,so they left a free sign and this chipped plaster pedestal plant stand. DH used taping mudd to repair the chips, I applied a paint wash and lacquer to it. But the rain is tearing it apart!!!!! I put a piece of granite on the top,it's sitting on a ceramic tile, so the water runs away from it. But... the sides are showing white plaster as it falls apart! Any way to save it??????


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You can save it by putting it up on the porch out of the weather. The chalk-like plaster will always absorb moisture even from the air. I have lost several pieces in years past even when Polyurethan coated. I do currently have a plaster pedestal out on my porch for three years now. If I move it around the white chalk rubs off of the bottom but it is not melting structurally. Hope this helps.

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What about a slurry coats of concrete? That way it is encased in the crete and you have it longer?

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Has anyone used marine grade lacquer? Is that doable?

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I have two LARGE elephants that are plaster
They were given to me for the garden. I
would never have bought plaster ones for
the garden, but right now they are poked
UNDER a house, out of the weather until I
can figure out what to coat them with.
They are about 27 inches tall and are painted.

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Use penetrating epoxy or penetrating polyester (such as Cure-Rot).
Paint both the inside and outside of the pot.
It penetrates into the plaster, fortifies it, seals it completely from moisture.

The only thing is that it leaves a glossy surface which you will have to refinish to what you want.


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Marlene Kindred

Great pedestal! I have heard of the product that dcarch recommended...I'd give it try! Love your stone work too!

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spedigrees z4VT

What a pity they made this beautiful pillar from plaster rather than concrete! It's gorgeous where it is, goes perfectly with your wall, but I'd recommend you repurpose it for indoor use. It's too pretty to let it disintegrate outdoors.

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

I was gona suggest bondo all over it, including top and bottom to seal...but the product mentioned above sounds better. Sometimes the 'fix' is more costly than replacing tho.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Really pretty paint job did you do it>I have a foo dog that is slowly being eaten up,probably acid rain. But I bought a plaster face at a scratch and dent and used drywall mud to patch then painted.Keep it just under the dripline of th e roof and it is fine.

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dcarch.....THANK YOU!!!! I did an internet search & it looks promising. I'll try calling local boat shops before I order online. I really appreciate that you all tried to help!!!!! I really just want to save it....and keep the look.

Goldenpond....yes. I did the faux paint wash. :0)

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1. Just make sure that the plaster is absolutely dry before you apply the epoxy.

2. Try not to do it on a hot day, the epoxy mix gets cured too quickly.

3. Try not to mix too much epoxy. The mixture is exothermal. It heats up and cures too quickly.


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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

I'd want to save it, too, Nicole, nice pedestal!

I've got a plaster pedestal I want to use outside. Gonna get some Cure-Rot so I can finally use it out on the porch. Thanks, DC.


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What kind of paint could you use over the cure-rot? I have a plaster pedestal I want to save also.

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LOL--My elephants are STILL under the house--
Procrastination should be my middle name!

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How can I remove the original paint from the plaster pedestal planter? It has a design in all 4 sides. The paint is peeling and would like to repaint it

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Thanks dcarch. I have a couple on my porch ill treat next summer.

Beautiful use in the garden, nicole. That whole area is lovely. I hope the txt works for you.

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