purple your advice is needed

christine1950October 2, 2013

check out the tropical forum, theres a question about an EE and I have no clue and zero advice, I cant imagine whats up with it. Thank Christine

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Do you mean the one with the worms? I saw that... no idea what those are if not baby earth worms, or what kind of plant it is, and Z10 is like another planet. I tend to stay away from advising those folks on much of anything. Don't feel like I have anything of value to say, unfortunately. Marquest's advice posted just after you posted this looks good to me.

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I thought for sure you would know about the E.E. :>) you'll have to get yourself one some day, I've grown them for years and I find them really easy to grow and they get huge.
Thanks for getting back to me

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I do have a few, that I brought down from OH, but even the weird thing I do with making potting soil with compost 'n'such in it, I've never seen critters like that in a pot. Could be those nematode things folks in FL talk about, IDK.

Finally got to see some flowers on the big, main bulb this year. They're hardy here, so no more worry about it being in a pot. This is a pic of the 1st flower a couple weeks ago, but it's on its' 4th a we speak. My experiment to compost at the base of it instead of hauling that much more stuff to a pile, then back to the plant, seems to be working. I think that's sooty mold that's dripped on it from the trees. Temporary, I'm think, it goes away after a short while when it gets on the Gardenias.

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Mornin Christine,Purp!

Purp,I love the way the persian sheild hides the cage somewhat. Was that intentional or happenstance?

After moving north it seems that colocasias became a bit tougher to deal with.

This critter is saying it wants to live in terraria all winter. I'm thinking if I let it have it's way it will turn back from dormancy and flood the whole tank which is where dry cleaner bags and packaging tape will have to come into play.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks, Asleep. The PS wasn't supposed to be hardy here, so I stuck cuttings in all kinds of places the first year I found it here. A couple have died, but overall, they are multiplying around the yard, 3 & 4 years later. This is my fav patch, in its' 2nd year.

That corner is just where I stick stuff that needs the most shade and/or protection. It's in a corner of the house, under a giant tree, and now a new adjacent covered potting area will offer even more shelter. A foot of leaves will go there after frost. That's where I found the pink Syngoniums, and heart-leaf Philo has survived there the past couple winters.

The EE pictured is really the main bulb behind, and a pup in front. The flowers are coming from the old mama bulb. In the spring, I'm moving the whole she-bang. I LOVE it when I'm outside, this whole corner, but the leaves block the view out the kitchen window of a spot with roses and butterfly plants. It's cool to see the back of the EE leaves at eye level from there, but I'd rather look at the view I planted for the purpose of looking at from that window.

The bondage you envision for your bulb sounds complicated. Is it inside already? Do you have a cool basement or crawl space? Garage? If so, it might be easier to let frost zap it (back outside?) & then kind of forget it in cool storage until it can go back outside. Maybe a little dribble of water occasionally but if not, should be fine.

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Heck I've heard of people overwintering them in water...think that thread is over in aroids if memory serves. I'd dig it up and link it but I'm just not feelin it right now lol.

My C. Illustris(hiding there behind the aglaonemas) was seriously considering dormancy previous to my scooting things around to make room for it,but since it's arrival it's kicking back in gear. The smaller leaf is new. Wonder how long it will be before it needs to come out so the others can have their space again...time will tell.

LOVE your PS Purp and who knew they'd overwinter in the yard,huh? I mean,..I've seen syngonium do it in mobile,but I always assumed that your neck of the woods was north of there(geographically challenged here!). Must be nice when something that exotic graces you by returning every year. I know that were I there armed with this new(to me) knowledge,I'd be propagating them and planting them all over!

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What a great combo purp, sorry I didnt get back to this post sooner, I've been busy winterizing my windows, I've heard we are in for a very cold winter here in upstate NY.. I hope their wrong!!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Time will tell, good attitude, just observe.

I don't like the sound of a cold winter at all, either the winter before last or the year before that, it got down to 9 degrees here. The floor of this house is carpet, then plywood, then outside. It gets COLD in here if it's that cold outside. If y'all don't send that cold down here this winter, we'll do our best to keep the heat down here next summer. Deal? Days like that I'd love to have winter-ized windows, but it's not unusual to be able to open windows here in any month, so I've never done that here. People do though, and I remember that stuff well from OH.

I do still take some cuttings of PS to bring inside for winter here, but the EE has been outside the whole time I've lived here, in the pot the first winter or 2. I assumed it would die so stuck the big pot in a corner where it would get covered by leaves and be out of sight for winter. Went to use it for something else the following spring and it was alive. Brushed off leaves and put it back out in the sun (this was before I realized in AL, that's too much.) It eventually found its' way to that corner (and its' pups are in some other spots, and shared with other people.)

A few months ago, I put one of those little found Syngoniums at the base of a tree. We'll see what it thinks of that. Doesn't it look huge like this?

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It does look huge, you have such a green thumb as I've said to you before. I know plants take alot of TLC and it shows how much work we put into them. Have a great weekend.

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