Which glue for clay pots???

giggles1June 8, 2010

As I posted a while back, I lucked into a TON of clay pots & saucers at an auction. I've been really busy with them. Doing last minute touch-ups now, pictures soon.

One of the ideas I came up with involves glueing the pots together... I've checked & checked, but any clay pot project instruction just says "glue"... nothing more specific. We all know GEII is the ONLY glue for our glass art, is there any glue better than the others for clay? Can I use GEII?

This will be for outside, so it's gotta hold up.

BTW, it's SO GREAT to see many more posts daily!!! Keep it up! I get so much inspiration to do MY stuff when I see everyone else busy!

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I once made a clay pot bird feeder and used apoxy.

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Gigs, I generally use the GEII for everything. And when I don't use it, I use liquid nails. I'm kinda "stuck" on those two. Pun intended, LOL.

hugs, Karen

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