(JOE)Parlor Palms, Arrowheads, Scheffs, Pothos..? (Joe)

tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)October 7, 2012

This thread is aimed at Joe bu of course anyone can chime in as I love hearing what others have to say about a situation.

First I want to say, I have the itch for more plants already. Didnt take long did it? However, I dont particularly have the room or the proper onditions to venture out of what I already have. So, I will do the smart thing and wait. Unless I find a plant that will fit into our current conditions and will fit in the smaller space I have avaiable.

I also dont have a favorite plant as of yet. If I had to rank what I had so far, my Scheff,philodendron ( i think) peace and rubber are at the top of the list and the palm is a little on the low end of the list. The arrowhead is also high but that is because she is being finiky and I am trying to keep her going.

So as far as parlor palm goes, I a not sure the repot is sticking well with her. She was seperated into two different pots as there were two plants in one pot and it was crowded. I have pulled ALOT of stems? strands rigt up out of the soil as they were dead and not holding onto anything. I am not sure this is root rot because when I cleaned her off I dont remember seeing anything that resembled brown, slimy roots. They seemed to be more fine and stringy, from what I remember. I should have taken pictures. So I dont know what she is going to do now. I guess time will tell.

My arrowhead has had yellowing leaves from time to time on the bottom leaves. From what I have heard ppl say and what my book said, this can be common...or something to do with leaf maturity??? Now I will say the repot for her was a litte scarey, the roots were browning but not slimy. I repotted it anyway because I just had a feeling she still had lfe in her as there is or was 5 new growths coming up. They are growing by the day. But I also just cut 4 leaves from her in the past week.

My scheff is one of my favs because it was my first plant and she is doing so well. Recently though, in the last week, I have had leaf drop and in some cases total stem drop. Now I did read this is common as the plant grows...? True? She was having new shoots frequently but they have slowed down and the new ones coming up are taking a long time to grow. I assume because of winter coming?? (which leads me to a different qestion for a new thread) (you all love my questions huh) Im sorry. :(

Finally Joe, I think my favorite by a leaf or two is the new philodendron. I am highly confused on if it is al philo or pothos. The encylopedia says they are very very closely related but it would still be nice to know. I would like to understand the new growth on him. So a new leaf comes out of the vine and seems to have a 'covering' on it...which eventually turns brown and falls off??? What is this and what purpose does it serve. It only bothers me slightly because it looks like dead stuff or dying stuff on the plant...

Thats all. I do have two more threads I would like to post regarding the season change that I have been meaning to, but I dont get the time I would like on GW till after the kiddos are in bed and I am relaxing with the hubby before bed. I read everyones responses though on my phone through my email. Just takes me longer to respond.

G'night all. Love it here.


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I have a 2 sheff's as of today, and 1 parlor palm, and a couple pothos. The parlor palm hasnt been any problem for me. I am surprised. I live in a northern climate (NEPA)with the heat on a good portion of the year. Its very dry in my house in the winter. I had the sheff for 5 years then it went to another home. It was just returned to me last week.The other one I just bought today. They are a goregous plant. My mistake was I didnt know about pruning. NOW I KNOW!! LOL My pothos get a little ratty during the winter months. A Pothos has yellow on the leaves, phila is dark green. I believe that is the difference.
I have to look up the arrowhead, I am not sure what they are. I do have a few plants that I don't know what they are.

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AHHH Know I know what it is, I forgot the common name was arrowhead but that makes sense. I always called it
Syngonium. ITs one of the few plants I know by the proper name.
Here is a picture of mine.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey Tiff!
oh wow you like 'called-me-out' lolo
Dont hate me, but earlier this afternoon, after going out for brunch, i stopped by HomeDepot (its righ nxt door like, so i 'had' to lol) and snagged a little Jade, and some type of beautiful purple succulent,,, but Just those two, i mean they had Lots more! lol

I havent had a palm in years, but kinda remember them being a leetle funny?
i 'thought' they said a little more humdity, but as i recall (maybe?) just an evenly moist-ish soil,,? but i wouldnt rely on that, my memories bout as long as.. well n/m lol

Tiff been meaning to ask, can you define your new gritty mix, did you use turface, granit, and bark? specifically? any substitutes??
I hafta admit, i havent had a chance to catch up on all your posts just yet, so youlll have to fogive me,, and honestly the gritty mix is fairly new to me as well,, i gotta LOTTA repottin to do. :x

Im just getting used to how it holds moisure, particularly underneath (where its harder to check) the weight difference is significant, and thats what im used to going by,,,
Im also wondering how/if it will 'ball-up' once roots start forming into it,,,
If i go to repot in a year, two, whatever, will it just all fall apart like im imagining??

As far as the arrowhead (Nephtytus?) i actually have (2) but kinda just got them recently, same original soil and container,, but they each have had several yellowing 'leaves' which end up falling (or i usually pull them) off. In all fairness, i ahvent found a 'permanent' low/medium light position for them yet, so theyve been moved around a lot while everything around here manuevers for an appropriate spot,,, no plant really likes that (being moved constantly)(i think).

hmm, luv/hate thing w/me, lol
i luv them, they dislike me (i think) as i mentioned (on 'my' thread)
ive two that were seriously water-logged, one's surviving, showing promis, the other,, not so sure about, but theyve All (even the healthy, non-problematic ones) lost leaves and stems even, they seem to 'tolerate' lower light levels, if you can kinda 'match' the watering level to that, if that makes any sense to ya,,

ahhh the Philo, your really gonna hate me now, and i wanted to mention this on your other thread... (man, you got a BUNCH of threads here Tiff!) lol
but i also got one of those about a week? back, $2.75 at walmart, how could i resist? right? its like a silver variegated one, kinda cute! even tho i'd really just as soon have had a regular ol Scandens, i just cant seem to find one around here,, weird,,
hmm i 'think' their in the same family as Pothos, i better let someone else chime in there
just dont let em get too dry, dry between waterings, but some humidity (like take her in the shower w/ya on occasion maybe?) hubby will luv that lol
i always luv'd that they were easy to propagate (in water) :)

oh man youve got me ramblin here! lol
i was actually watchin Avatar (for like the 4th time lol) and came in to shut-er-down, I'll peek back tomm,, w/(better~?) pics,,, and Tiff (your call) but, i could never feel bad spending a cpl dollars on a plant if it makes me happy, just sayin, keep it in check, but why be a martyr~? im fortunate (in Many ways, Blessed even) i live within a a city block of Goodwill, and Rehabitat~ (large thrift stores) i got a handful of pots over the weekend, some for like a dime each! If your babies eat That much ya cant afford a dime for... oh shoot im goin on again, lol hey, smootch the boogers for me. Nite kiddo. :)

hey gorgeous Syng there Polly! any idea how old? :)

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Ah, Syngonium, that's what arrow head is! Lovely plant, had one years ago. I love how the leaves change shape as the plant matures. So want another!
As for the parlour palm, is this a Dypsis, Howea or Chamaedorea?
Ive had all three over the years, Dypsis was my fave, but it got too big sadly.
Chamaedorea is the most common over here, often sold small in mixed arrangements, usually Mothers Day and such. I do know that palms don't like root disturbance and that repotting can be a tricky affair. I usually leave the roots intact to be on the safe side.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Silentsurfer, yea Philos, Pothos, Scindapus and Syngonium are all in the Arum family (Araceae), same as Swiss Cheese Plant.
Out of those Ive only had monstera and Syngonium. Never fancied a pothos as you guys call em as Im not keen on hanging plants.

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Surfer,Hmm. my syngonium podophyllum is maybe 5-6 years old. Sometimes it dies back in the winter and then grows out again. They grow like weeds and are easy to propagate. One year when we lived in our other house I put it on the deck facing west. IT turned a beautiful reddish. I entered it into a flower show and got a blue ribbon. LOL. It got I think about 2 hrs of filtered sun. Even though it says not to put it in the sun, it seemed to love the filtered sun. I havent seen it that pretty since.
Avatar? only 4 times??? HA I got you beat, I love that movie.

Larry, I love my monstera, I have to figure out how to tie it up. It might already be to big.Its starting to take over the house, I call it my monster. Hehee

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I had a monstera a long time ago. Id love another, on a moss pole this time, but the cats would eat it!

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

@Silentsurfer, I love this philo:

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Polly: Its a philo then. The leaves are a dark green with light green striped through them. I will get a picture soon. I love it! Polly, WOW, your arrowhead is amazing. I have a long time to get to where yours is.

Joe: I dont hate you!!! Silly. I use 5:1:1, not gritty mix. It is 5 parts repti bark, 1 part perlite and 1 part cactus soil. I am wondering also if it will fall apart. I heard it wont. It will grab on to all the stuff.
I know I have a bunch of threads, I am so sorry. I am sure everyone hates me and is sick of hearing from me but I have alot of questions as I begin this journey. So I am so very sorry for all the threads.
Its not that my babies eat alot...my 4 month old has had a bad bout with acid reflux, collic, possible food allergy. When he was a month old I had to stop giving him breast milk because they suspected a food allergy. That was terrible in of itself because I was mass producing. It was insane. 110 ounces in the freezer and he wasnt even a month old yet...plus what he was already eating everyday. It was crazy how I was producing milk.
He was crying and fussy non stop. It was awful. At that point they put him on a special formula and acid reflux medicine. When that didnt work we went to a GI doctor who changed his medicine and changed his formula. Since that change, he has been great and a happy baby. It comes at a price though. $9 a day for the bottle of special formula. He drinks a bottle a day. So that is about $275 a month. Then his one medicine is $40 and the other is $15. :)
So I do have a plant budget as the expense of this issue is kind of extreme. I am hoping once he gets on solids we can change the formula. The doc thinks we can. So with that and diapers for both boys....I have to have a little buget for extras that arent so important. Luke, the 4 month old has been awesome for about 3 months now and hasnt had any issues so we hope he is getting better.

Your arrowhead is also very pretty. I cant wait till mine gets bigger.

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Tiff I love your threads.
I am sorry to hear your son has acid reflux etc and I really can sympathize. My son had horrible colic and he cried nonstop. I understand. It wont last, hang in there. Hes 34 now with kids of his own.
This is a great release for you. Keep posting.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Ugh, acid reflux is horrible. My son suffered bad with it as a baby, thankfully hes now 6 and past it. Has autism and ASD instead

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Its bad enough as an adult let alone a little baby.

Larry, how is your son doing?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

He's fine thanks.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Tiff LOL
dont be silly lady, im just gonna jump on all Your threads, post MY pics, get my answeres, and let You look like the bad guy! hehee
seriously we're ALL learning, from Each Other, thats whats soo cool bout this joint (i think) ...and the Fun along the way. btw i dont (Hate) Anybody. or anything,, cept Stink Bugs! dem im goin to War on hehe

oh may bad (5.1.1) of course,,
hmm I'll try it on something to get a reference (perspective), heck ive got like every soil ammendment ingredient known to Man! lol ..been wantin to anyway :)

yea big plants Are impressive, but i really like 'miniatures' in Lots of things, not just plants,, plus i dont have the space,,, i actually enjoy picking up each plant (on weekends, when ive the time) and taking to my lighted magnifier Lamp, giving em the once over before taking em to the sink,,, its kind of a bonding thing sorta,, Not like breast-feeding acourse! lol
oh wow, yea i wasnt aware he was strugglin a bit, and the expense, Sorry to hear that Tiff, i'll definitely put you n your family on my Prayer list. :)

hmm ive never married, thus no kids, so i dont know the 'joys',,,
but man, talk about 'taking-the-good-with-the-bad' your probably thinkin (somedays) 'is this Really what i Wanted'? hmm,, wow really Nice sentiment Polly :)

dang Polly?
you type soo much younger than that!? hehe :)~

shoot its too late 4 pics, tomm maybe,, you kids in bed then, now?
i gotta learn military time lol
Night all, Tiff,, 110 oz's?? really, im not even gonna ask hehee
i can still catch a cpl mins of Avat...rrr...zzzzzz

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about the arrowheads,(syngonium) they can get that big in one summer outside where they get lots of light and rain. Believe me.

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

...if i didnt Know the neighbors kids, dogs, or cats, would get-em, id have a Few things outside in Summer. :)

my bad, i thought you were sharing something of Yours, and it wasnt (isnt) showing for me here,, but when i clicked on 'properties', i see you (apparently) meant my little philo? duh!
[Philodendron 'Silver' Scindapsus pictus argyraeus] $2.75 /Walmart
Thank you sir, she's a keeper. :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Tiff,

Pothos & Philodendron are 2 different plants, both from the family of Aroids. They are related but look different, if you Google each for images & look closely, you'll see the difference.

The little leaf covering you're mentioning that comes out covering each new leaf is entirely normal.

Don't know what it's called, but I think its job is to protect the leaf from sun & injury as it unfurls & opens. It's completely normal that it dries up & falls off, so pls. don't remove it until it's done so, it's apparently doing its job (or it wouldn't be there).

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Pirate girl, I didnt know that! I thought that pothos was a nickname you guys in the states use for philodendron!

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Tiff, please post away! I am loving it...

One bit of advice though...

Before you start to cover your entire home as I did, make sure you set yourself up a baby sitter or a friend you can bribe to care for your plants so you can run away from them for a day or two for a much needed vacation down the road..lol..seriously. I am afraid tyo taken a weekend off.
I did once, and 1/4 of my plants dried out and died because my relative thought they were watering right.
I have not been away that many days since.

You have to teach someone how to water your plants and how to judge when to, in the great mixes you are using, or you will have to pass up that next big vacation like I have too now.

Now, lately, my vacations are days off from work spending it at my home with all my plant buddies! I can tell you though, that the money I save from going away allows me to buy more plants though..lol You see how it goes? Fun.
Thank God I built that pond in my yard!
I wonder how many of us here are afraid to go away to leave our plants behind and would much prefer to stick around with them?


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Polly and Larry. Thanks. Luke is doing much better since being on the special formula and medicine. He started cereal the other day but HATES the taste of it. So I chanced it and mixed some baby fruit in with it and he loves it. He is a ham.

Mike, Glad you enjoy my posts. Everytime a new question pops in my head I say Oh Geesh, they are going to hate me there. Im just trying to learn though and I like talking to you all!

As far as traveling and plants...I cant say I would get to the point that I couldnt travel. Although we are limited right now with the little ones, hubby and I love to travel and see things. Life is too short not to see all the beautiful things in this world and the memories we have made as a couple are priceless. We cant wait to make memories now with the little kiddos.

Next week we are actually going to Vegas. Hubby has a work trip he has to go there for and when that happens we try to take advantage and have me come along. Hotel and food is covered and all we have to pay for is my plane ticket. YAY! Cant wait. Although, I will probably not even get out of bed the whole time. Need to catch up on sleep!

You guys are all awesome. Thank you all for your input the last few weeks!

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...and how many seats do you have to buy for your plants? :-)

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Silesurfer, I realy like that Scindapsus pictus, will look out for one!

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

im Srry again mr,,
i guess "$2.75/Walmart" doesnt do you a dang bit of good
across the way there does it my friend? lol
i keep hoping to catch (a shot) of it in the daylight! darn waning daylight,,
hope ya can source somethin local :)

...are you in Vegas gurl?? hehe

[/me reaches up n tries to pluck a piece of Polly's......Syngonium] lolo :)~

btw my Sheffs lookin better (above) 1 of the 3 survived, :)

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