Miniature Garden

gardengirlsueJune 1, 2009

Last year i came here and asked some advice on a project I wanted to do. It's a garden in an old suitcase. I wanted to show you how it came out and thank you again for all your ideas.

First time trying a picture, hoping it works! LOL

Thank you, Sue

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Very cute !!! Love the idea. Think I better look for a suitcase LOL !!


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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Very nice and the plants should grow in thick and you will have a forest. I have suitcases, lol.

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Oh no! I love it. Fun idea, I can think of lots of places to put one of those.
Off to my TS for a suitable

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FUN FUN FUN tiny garden!!!!

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I am just a looker right now. i haven`t posted as of yet. But I really think this is fantastic. You did such a nice job. It made me think of landing in a plane and seeing a farm below. Good job. Now if I could just go some place.

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Marlene Kindred

What a great idea! And it's portable! So you can move it wherever the urge strikes you! Very fun!

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That is so cute!!!! Love it!!!

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That turned out really cute. I love miniature things around the garden. The old suitcases are also neat for a mini Xmas village to decorate inside with.

By the way, those of you with fairy gardens, browsing eBay I found a seller who has some really pretty little fairies.
You can get a set of 4 standing ones that are 4" high, or a set of 4 fairies with unicorns that are just slightly smaller. All look pretty and lot of detail. Perfect for little mini gardens! They run 9.99 for the set of 4, plus shipping of course. When I've bought things like this to put outside, I spray them with Krylon clear finish to protect them. Keeps the color good and also easier to clean dust off them safely.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: fairy sets

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I have an old guitar case. It came with an old guitar I want to eventually mosaic. The case is very musty smelling and not good for anything. Well except something like this! Now I just need a yard to put it in! Great idea and delightful little garden!

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This is such a cute idea & would work great for folks that just have a little balcony off their apt!!!Then when you move you just take the garden with you!! How cool!! Jan

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Wow!! Love the miniture theme ideas. Great job.

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I just wonder how it held up over time. I would think an old steamer trunk would be cool and perhaps some marine varnish to coat it. Some one had some gross piping in their yard (I think they were stuck with it due to how the plumbing was set up and they put an old trunk over it..and kinda made it look like a treasure chest with a rose growing out of it..but it only lasted several years.

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