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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)June 28, 2010

I'm lying in bed Saturday night watching "Hoarders" on TV and it scared me! lol I thought, "Oh my... I cannot let my new obsession get out of hand!" I made a promise to myself right then and there to use the junk I bought before I was allowed to buy any more junk! So yesterday morning I got busy!

I had bought a bunch of succulents (multiple varieties of sempervivums and miniature sedums) to make another sphere but it occurred to me that I didn't have a sunny place to hang one (too many trees) so I made this instead... (Total cost $16 + plants - we don't want to talk about how much the plants were!!! :)


AFTER... I found the tiniest little pots for my "metal thing"!

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Oh Soonergirl, way to get all of your chicks in a row! I love your multi-level clutch -What a wonderful gathering!

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Man, you got your project done in record time. It looks super, the ceramic chickens are the "cherry on top". It is really hard to not buy up everything you see, I can see how those hoarder people get started. I'm running out of room in my little yard.

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Love your grouping. And you are so quick, funny what get us motivated LOL !!! Keep up the great work, thanks for sharing.


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I just love it!!! That is soooo cute. The little chickens are definitely the "cherry on top!" That is really a stunning arrangement.

And don't get me started on hoarding...(just sayin...) LOL

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Marlene Kindred

What a great display!! Love the way it turned out and the way you used the metal piece! Looks wonderful!

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What a tastefully done display! I LOVE IT! You have true talent in bringing it all together. And your yard in the background...looks like a peaceful park!!!! I love it all. You are so creative and INSPIRING! Thanks for sharing!

BTW, "Hoarders" scared me too. I avoided all garage sales this past weekend (and there were A LOT!) because I want to deal with what's in the garage first. I've made great progress after walking in circles last Monday and almost having a nervous breakdown! LOL (My poor wife! She didn't know what to say or do.) Our neighbors are moving and giving us sooo much stuff so I am dealing with that too. Sooo...I've been donating, regifting, tossing, placing things in the garden, and organizing. I'm a teacher so have the summer off and my goal is to have a very organized garage by the end of summer!

Your post inspired me to keep at it! :o) Again, I love your project!!! Bear Hugs! Kirk

P.S. Thanks for letting me share! It's like therapy! LOL

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Oh I love it!!!!!!!

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Thanks everyone!! I am pretty happy with the way it turned out :)

Kirk - You must have a LOT more self-restraint than I do because I can go to bed saying "No garage sales tomorrow!" and wake up at 6:00 ready to go!! :)

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That looks great! Now you can go "shopping" again. I love those chickens. A great way to tie it all together.

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Jaw droppin'great!!!! You are so good!

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What Susie said!!! Lovely!

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

You guys are ALL so great!! I love it here!! (Which could actually be a very bad thing! Exactly what I need... people encouraging me!!) LOL

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I can save most of you a lot of anguish...
if you aren't a bona fide hoarder by this time..chances are, you won't become one, even with a penchant for garden junk and the thrill of the hunt~

I am one and having said that, it's my kids who suffer more than I do...
I do keep my distance from most garage sales and don't go out of my way to get to the thrift stores, like in the past.
it's something in the brain work, if you're wired for it, it's most likely already showed up in your behavior.

don't let the show scare you...
you can redirect your fears and think of me, when you watch it.
now, does that help?



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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Hey strawberrygoat - I sincerely apologize if anything I said offended you. I feel like a shmuck!! I guess it was pretty insensitive of me to even reference the show. I was watching and could definitely see myself in some of the people. Not the hoarding so much as the inability to tell myself, "NO! You don't need 57 more flower pots!!" I hope you know I did not mean to ridicule or demean ANYONE, especially you. I'm so sorry...

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First I love it !!! very pretty .Kirkus I have the same prob I have throne a way so much and I have so much more to do somthing with .My neighbor also moved out of st.I get so over whim.

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aka_strawberrygoat(PNW-8) was just clarifying's not a reflection on anything here. oh poop, it's all in fun here.
heck, those that know me, know of my trouble I get myself into..geez, please don't think I replied in a bad way.
I was serious tho, as far as saving you some worries..
I haven't read anywhere in here, that anyone suffers from it..I just admitted that I have a problem with too much sh%t at home here. I quit saying I'm a pack's the catch phrase these days.
not that it's cool to be a hoarder but it is a bit more than being a pack rat...

again, don't apologize....there's absolutely no need.

I was over at my storage unit today and was thinking that if I'd get myself in gear and use the dozens of really cool baskets, I could have a hanging nursery out in my yard. but they only sit in there.
and it's nice weather.
I have some baskets that have been out in the elements forever it seems and never seem to get so bad they actually fall apart. can you imagine how pretty it would be if I'd plant a number of the ones just stored away?

my daughter records the program for me, so when I go over to her house, I get about 3 hours worth of watching it.

it actually does make me realize just how lucky I am...I haven't bought a second house, to use for
or have to camp out in the backyard, cuz the house is too full.
I have my limits but just like everyone here, who loves does become a monster, when you start to see something with a new purpose.
I did stop in a corner yard sale on Saturday and there was a really cool little square table for sale..I didn't get it cuz I have a couple that size but when I told the girl that it would make a really nice little girl's table for a tea party..she said she never even thought of it like that.
she has a little girl about 5..not that she was going to keep it and do that but she just doesn't see things in a second or third way like is common on this forum.

I showed her a couple of other things that could be used in a different way than what it was intended..
I think it's so strange to meet people like her..
they just don't get it......

then, those are the ones who just don't get it when they meet us...also the ones we buy cool things from, at the yard and garage


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I have to face it--I hoard!!!! LOL
Everyone give me the things they don't want anymore.
But everyone also says 'If you need something, ask Nona'
And I usually have it....can't always find it easily, but I probably have it-grin- Like strawberry, I like my stuff and I plan to keep ALL of it, and maybe add more along the way. When I die I will let my DD worry about it! She can quit work and sell on Ebay! She is not as bad as I am, but you should see the tons of things in her Star Wars collection.....

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

WOWEE!! I just love it! Great arrangement, beautiful vignette!!! Plus Succulents, my favorite plant besides Roses!


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I love it. Especially the metal thingy with the pots. And your yard looks like a park.
I probably wouldn't classify as a hoarder, but I tell ya, my hobby/computer room was sure looking that way. I husband couldn't stand it and I was beginning to feel the same way. I had most of my glass pieces scattered all over the floor so when I started to put an item together I had it all out in front of me. Well, a couple of weeks ago I started organizing. I put all the pieces together that I wanted for each item, put them in boxes and labeled them. Now when I want to make a totem, birdbath or whatever I just open a box and pull out the pieces I need. I'm also REALLY trying to stay out of thrift stores and garage sales. When I do go I only buy what I really can't live without or a piece that I need for something I'm already building. I keep telling myself that after a flea market here in July and a craft show in November I'll be through with glass garden art. We'll see.

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Love your pots! It looks fantastic. And I really like what you did with the metal thingy! lol! It turned out great!

My DH, Bob, is a hoarder. People have told him that he is like the people on the TV show. He has gotten considerably better but has a long way to go.

Me? I'm more of a pack rat. If push comes to shove, I can get rid of it all. Especially if it gets on my nerves by being in my way. So I agree with Becky that it has to do with the wiring of the brain rather than just a bad habit.

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All the chicks must of been hiding!! What a cute bunch, like the plants & way you did the pots too & how the metal thingy turned out!! You have a great eye for composition!! It all looks wonderful together. The blue pots stacked nicely too! Jan

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Soonergirl, you're funny a combination of watching that show and also cleaning out my mom's place (not a hoarder, but a compulsive shopper) has me dedicated to streamlining my life. Just wish my before and afters looked as good as yours ;). Thanks for sharing your pics, they look fantastic!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Sooner, I love what you have done. Is that 3" PVC pipe? I like how the upper clay pot doesn't actually rest on the lower one, interesting looking plus giving a bit of shade. The metal thingy looks great with the little pots. And the whole composition is perfect. Your back yard seems so peaceful and lovely too.

And as for plants: they are an investment!

Many of us seem to be affected by the hoarders show, lol. Plus I look at my mom's house then at mine and see a junior version. I worry that I will accumulate way too much if I'm not careful. I posted on my blog about getting rid of things including clothing. I had typed it up for the conversations side here, but then copied it to my blog instead. But the reality is that I still have to go through my swimsuits (doing that this morning after I shower, after I work in the garden). And although I was so positive on the blog, it got me down and I basically moped around yesterday, even tho I'm also glad. Odd huh?

Here is a link that might be useful: Who would get rid of that? (blog post)

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quite an interesting blog..
I thought I was going to start a blog at one point.
I got as far as one entry, put it in my draft folder and never even opened it again...that was in February.
I just read it again a couple of night ago.
what was I thinking?
like I could ever declutter this place.
maybe reorganize, restack, rebox or re locate.
but to actually repair my thinking is what needs to be
and I have a question about one of the pictures on your blog..
that one of the New Orleans Art....
that looks very familiar to ones someone used to make, down in New Orleans, before Katrina flooded so many homes.
the lady live in the French Quarter and made something like what your picture depicts..
it was on Crafters Coast to Coast..
any link to her work?...are you familiar with what I saw, way back they?
I wish so much that I had kept a file of the work by the New Orleans artists..I loved them all and was soooooo sad, when they got so wiped out.
I've always wondered what ever became of all those artists.
does any one know?

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I love all of it! You did a great job of putting this together! The metal thing is so neat!!!

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Becky - Thank you!! I'm so glad you didn't take offense. I have this thing about sticking my foot in my mouth!! I have an antique addiction!! lol In fact, when I bought this house, it took 3 HUGE moving trucks to get the stuff from my previous house and 3 (yes 3) storage units over here!! Antique addictions are kind of like junk addictions but terribly EXPENSIVE so I guess I'm better off shifting my focus to junk!! :)

Kathy - Yes, it's PVC (2" I believe) which I cut with my chop saw to allow the water to pass through. The intent was to use the little "sun space" I had with as many plants as possible so I stacked! I really liked the look after I did it. I notched the larger pipe and then stuck a smaller one into that one which went into the drain hole of the smaller one on top to keep it stable. I had to drill more drain holes for the smaller pots. Here's a pic of the pipe...

And, my yard is a work in progress. When I moved here 2 years ago it was a MESS! It had been vacant for 3 years and terribly neglected. The yard was covered by 3 feet of leaves, there wasn't a plant to be found (other than my treasured oak trees) and the pool was black. All it needed was a little TLC :)

Thank you all for the kind comments and encouragement!! I'm so glad I found this forum!! Now I better get busy so I can go cast some more pieces for my concrete totem poles!!!

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Kathy - I have bookmarked your blog to read later. How much fun!! Can't wait to see what all you have on there! :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I can't wait to see your concrete totem poles.

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did I miss something on here?
you've already cast some things for a cement totem?
where are the pictures for those....never mind going to cast more...I wanna see the ones ready to have others added...


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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

LOL!! Here are a couple pics. You'll just have to use your imagination for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to stack them in 3-4 weeks after they've all cured.

here are some almost finished...

And, here are the ones I poured this morning...

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You and I do some similar things, Sooner.
I cast concrete in old jello molds and cake pans. I've been meaning to stack up the ones with holes in the centers over a piece of rebar or pipe. Your concrete looks much more elegant than mine tho. And you have more variety of shapes. Eager to see what you do!
What mix do you use?

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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Kathy - Well, this is actually my first time using hypertufa 1:1:1:1. I really like it! Much lighter than concrete but the same look. The other concrete things I have done have always been with regular ready-mix. This seems to take much longer to cure out for some reason but I'm hoping it will last as long. After I have them all finished, I want to make a gathering of three totem poles 4', 6', and 8'.

I have a whole LIST of concrete projects in mind but I'm waiting until fall when it cools off a bit. All the molds I'm using are things I've picked up at the thrift stores. My favorite so far are the glass light fixture globes. Of course, they're only good for one pour but they're cheap!! The large sphere in the picture is my first attempt at casting around a cheap toy ball. I'm trying to get it "down" before starting two very large ones I'm hoping to do soon with 30" exercise balls. I want to give them a month to cure and then mosaic them for new planting beds on either side of a walk way. Looking forward to that one!! :)

Do you have pictures of your concrete work? I'd love to see it!!

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LOVE your cement stuff!!! I sooo wanna get to making some totems!! So are you taking the inner plastic pipe out after demolding? Or just leave it in? I have a bunch of round plain jane light globes, but want to get some fancier ones now!!! Wait till you see what I got for free and my friend made for'll freak!!!ha! I'd love to see you stuff too Concreteprimrose!!! Sooner, have you been over to the gardenweb hypertufa forum yet?

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Sooner, I LOVE the succulent vignette you created. Its really wonderful. I saved the photo to add to our Inspiration album.

Kathy, I didn't even realize you had a blog. I just bookmarked it. ;o)

Becky, I enjoy your posts and your sense of humor. And like many here apparently, I watch that show too. I'm a pack rat/collector/Stuff Queen, and have to constantly work
on keeping things under control.


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soonergirl1968(7a OKC)

Thanks Calamity & Karen! Actually the globes that work the best for me are the plain ones. I did some fancier ones but, with hypertufa, they seem to loose the detail. I threw away some I made from fancy jello molds because you just couldn't see the details at all. If you can figure out how to get the details to show - TELL ME!! :) I would love to use them I just can't make it look right.

However, those that have larger more dramatic details like the fluted jello molds turned out real nice. Who knows...

The pvc pipes are just there temporarily. I will pull them out once I turn/break out the concrete. I used 1" and will build the totems on 3/4" placed over rebar. Interested to see how it looks! :)

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BEAUTIFUL succulent vignette! Love all the pottery you got GS'ing ...shapes & colors ...and making the totem one was a great idea for this sunny corner of your world! The metal art pc turned out very lovely! And the chickens are definitely something to "cackle" about! Love it all! TFS! Jeanne S.

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i love the twist with the pots, what did you use to make it?

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that metal 'thing'. Was it made by somebody or you made it?

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