'different' kind of planter

giggles1June 25, 2010

a GUTTER planter!!!


Surfing, I found this pic. Unfortunately, I have vinyl siding. :(

Then I binged "gutter planter" and got all kinds of links!

Here's one for inside the house:


I really like the small fence versions. Gonna try these:


We have a greenhouse for my son & he's into hydroponics - I bet he'll incorporate this since you have a drain hole & you can buy the gutter guards where he cann make holes for the plants!

Guess you just can't drive down the road w/o picking up EVERYTHING!!! lol

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Deb Kozuszek

What neat ideas!! I'm with you--I love the one on the wall!
Thanks for posting those sites!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Tht is a such a great idea. My DH has been telling me forever he's gonna grow some lettuce like that but he hasn't gotten around to it yet, I've got to show him that picture, maybe it will inspire him.

It's perfect for people who don't think they have the room for a garden. You could grow a lot of veggies (or whatever) in a very small space. I wonder if you coudn't build a free standing rack of some sort to hang them on. You gould use both sides. I love this. You can cut them to the length you need. Great windowboxes, too. And you can paint them or decorate them to suit yourself.

It's true if you're working with junk you have to pick it up when you see it, I think that's part of the fun. Also, you never know, someday you may not be able to get out and about so much, so at least you'll have some things around to work/play with.

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very cute!

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Thanks for surfing and finding this idea!! I, too will show my DH, I especially like the idea of having lettuce easy to get to and also decorative. Now to convice my DH, hehe


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I have seen gutters used as planters before but they weren't as attractive as the ones you found. I like the idea of hanging them on a wall or fence for planting. They would be great along the edge of a deck railing too. TFS!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Good idea! I think of my mom who really can't bend over to plant any more. Even her pots are getting difficult.
ps. My house doesn't have gutters so I won't be changing any. I guess there might be used ones at 2nd hand building supply stores.

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