Newly acquired Jasminum sambac 'Maid of New Orleans'-First steps?

haloony(6B)October 11, 2011

Hey All,

I recently bought a Jasminum sambac 'Maid of New Orleans' plant from Amazon and received it today! I am wondering what are the first steps I should take to ensure its survival and health. I have attached pictures of it below.

I am no expert but it does not look like the healthiest plant. I hoping it can pull through and give me some nice fragrant blooms.



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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Looks pretty healthy to me. Moo is a tough plant. :)
Give it a bright location and don't over water. Spray/Wash the foliage every 2-3 weeks will help greatly if grown indoor. I love Moo but if you ever want to upgrade, look for the cultivar Belle of India.

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Hal, your MOO looks great, very healthy, with deep green leaves.

First, 'before setting among other plants,' hose leaves.
Did you get it from Hirts?

Don't know if you plan on repotting now or waiting until spring, but their soil dries fast.
So, please keep on eye on it.

On the other hand, like Kemistry said, allow soil to dry between waterings, especially during grey, winter months.
Bright light is sufficient. In winter, place in the sunniest window possible, from late spring into summer, bright light.

One thing I like about MOO is it blooms when young, and flower fragrance is heavenly.

If possible, place in an airy room. Daily misting helps, but once buds set, stop spraying...especially on buds and flowers.

As MOO matures, the amount of flowers do, too. Their fragance, scents an entire room. Toni

PS. What do you mean by, First st?

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