How do you overwinter outdoor pots indoors?

jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)October 9, 2013

I love the double impatience. However, they do not seem to survive well indoors. Do you have any method that works?

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auron22(6b OH)

You could try cutting it back and placing it in a sunny spot for the winter, and root the cuttings. See what survives and thrives.
I don't really know if that would work, but it's a great opportunity to test two different ways of overwintering it.

Sorry I don't know more, I've only messed with impatiens once and I tossed them when winter came about. Didn't have any good places for them anyway. If you find a way I would love to hear about it, impatiens are beautiful.

I love yours, they look like whorls of peppermint candies.

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Yours is a beauty, I agree with Auron, you have nothing to loose & everything to gain :>)

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

There is another cultivar of purple and white with coloring less regular on the petals.

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

Mine are declining rapidly now.

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During autumn days the sun's intensity is much less so the plant can usually be put close to the window---but watch out for sun burn through the glass....and less watering because they are not growing and as such, then are not given fertilizer.
Flowering will eventually stop but if they can survive, will re-flower when the sun returns in mid February.
The trick is to not let them dry out too much, water them only as it is used, dump the excess drainage, and not let them be hit by air currents--which is always the case when the furnace is on--the nighttime temperatures will agree with them...60ð - 65ð and keep them from drafts---such as near a door that is continually being opened and closed.
It can be a struggle but with care plants should come through well.
I think the biggest mistake is in watering. People tend to water much as they used when the plant was growing in summer. But they use much less and if they are not growing, need no food

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

Posted by goren 6 (My Page) on Sat, Oct 19, 13 at 17:00

Thank you so much. Our house is very warm with the thermometer set to 25 C (75 F). The dry heating winds blow all over the house. There are mature trees outside our windows, so it is very dark indoors. You could imagine my difficulty :)

We do have a big basement with several small windows. But it is dusty down there.

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