Update on the wall

tehutiJune 16, 2011

Thanks guys for the donations The wall of plates is growing slowly but it is growing. Maybe if I were a bit more active?

Anyway, I have not created anything so far this year. I have been busy with a 17' boat I got on Freecycle and a camper that was given to me with a 73 GMC I'm fixing-up. Being on SS it seems there is always time but never enough money. Turned 70 in May and the job prospects were bad enough before Obama but now whew!

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I like it!! Looks like you have some more room tho! Hope you get a few more!!Wal Mart hires older "greeters" maybe you could get part time job! Jan

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oh how fun! i love it!

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Marlene Kindred

Good to hear from you Robert! Sounds like you're having "fun" working on the boat and camper though...that would be SO up my hubby's alley!

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if i can get my boys out back to finish their yardwork i may have one for you to add. i had a couple put back to use as birdhouse roofs but never got around to it...

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Cool, caroleena there is more space under that other gargoyle light.


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Me, too, Robert...I forgot already! Eh gads! Love retirement! Lookin' good! Jeanne S.

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Robert, I love your wall of tags. I sure hope more folks will send you one from their state! I was at my favorite antique mall recently, and one booth had loads of tags in it. But the guy wanted $10 and more each. :o(
Anyway, I'm proud you have my AZ one displayed. It was on my van a lot of years, till I got a personalized plate.

Hope you find time to get back to 'creating' soon.
hugs, Karen

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You wall is looking good.

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