Mosaic Garden Bench - protection

CbrummelJune 6, 2011

I made a mosaic garden bench last year with marine quality plywood (weather protected), used a concrete type adhesive for the tiles and mosaics. The smoother pieces continue to pop off. Is there some sort of adhesive or protection I can pour over the top of it to keep this from happening?

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I'm also interested in this. Have you tried posting on the stainglass and mosaic forum?

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No, but definitely will

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You never mosaic wood for out doors.It will not hold up no matter how much you try to protect it.

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If you could frame it and possibly pour a clear plastic hard coat into the frame maybe 1/2 inch thick.?? Saw something like this on DIY network, but can't remember what base they used for the tiles. Also used this method for a countertop with holes drilled to let light through. They filled the holes with it so it "lit up". That's all I know.

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All I know is they use backerboard or cement board I think, not plywood(layers of wood & glue) if any moisture got into the edges so plywood it would swell in places & that causes problems too. Jan

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