Outhouse Garden

luvs2clickJune 14, 2011

I just love my outhouse garden and I'm sorry if you all are tired of seeing pictures! Every year it looks a little different, depending on which perennials wintered over and are now blooming. It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures, so I hope they're fresh and new again for the board. The daisies to the left are just getting ready to bloom, so that may be another picture later! The outhouse and birdhouse are recycled barnboard, the stepping stones are a broken up concrete sidewalk my son was disposing of, the base for the birdbath was picked up off the curb and topped with a ceramic flowerpot saucer. And yes, that is a planted bedpan also! Arlene

Here is a link that might be useful: Lots more pictures if you're interested

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Arlene, your garden is beautiful! I could never get tired of seeing your pictures. They are wonderful!

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Wow ....what a beautiful site. Tired of pics?....NEVER!

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Marlene Kindred

Just GORGEOUS Luvs! Your outhouse is just adorable! Do you use it at all for storage or is it just for looks? Your garden is looking absolutely beautiful this year...so lush and green! I never get tired of looking at pictures!

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Wow! Very beautiful! I love looking at your pics! And I don't even see any weeds (which is very impressive)...cold Spring here...then heat wave...I'm still weeding (slowly) ...but, things are bloomin'...so that's what counts!

I love this outhouse garden! Pretty country, too! TFS, luvs2click! Jeanne S.

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Wow I love your garden !!!!!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The weathered wood of the outhouse and the bird house is beautiful. Your lovely well tended garden is the perfect setting. tfs

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Thanks everyone! We've had a ton of rain too and we're just now getting our mulching done which makes it difficult when everything is big. I like to do it when the plants are smaller. We've spread 9 yards so far and need at least 4 more. Ugh! Marlene - I do store garden decor inside the outhouse during the winter. It is an actual 1-seater - the guy I bought it from makes some as tool sheds too, but I opted for the real thing. Plus it's weighted with some cement blocks inside as it fell over once - gives you an idea the wind we get on this hillside - that bugger is really heavy.

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what does he sell them for? i have tons of barnwood that i make custom doors. and that wood be good for the scrape pieces.

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I bought mine several years ago and it was $250. It is a full sized one. He sold LOTS of them - doesn't do it anymore.

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Wonderful garden AND outhouse. Your garden looks as fresh as spring. Thank you for sharing.


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I love your pictures. I love all the pictures here...since I've joined or probably better yet, since I've been lurking, I have had no need to buy magazines or books to get garden inspiration. I love the things yall post!

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GreenSuzq2(7 TN)

Just beautiful. I wish we had rain more. Actually, we did get some today first time in over a month. Don't you just love perennials? I love watching the different flowers come and go. And really nice with a touch of annuals too.

Love your outhouse and beauty that surrounds it.

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My grandpa made a park for my brothers and I when we were young on some land he owned just up the street from us. He even put in a real outhouse so we wouldn't have to run home to relieve ourselves. Of course, back then, nobody thought a thing about it. I have a couple pics of it and now and then think how fun it would be to add one to my yard just like the one grandpa built! Guess I'll just enjoy YOURS via pics since I don't have much land to make it fit i!

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Arlene, I've always loved seeing your Outhouse Garden pictures. Its one of my very favorite GJ things and always will be.
Browsing your albums is such a treat.

hugs, Karen

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Arlene- I always enjoy seeing more of your photos. You are incredibly talented. I particularly like your individual little fairy gardens. Are all of those containers drilled for drainage? And where do you find those tiny little picket fences (lol). I noticed you also had gardens in jars. Any chance we could get a close-up on some of those, and maybe some hints on where you find all those gorgeous little accessories. You are amazing. Thanks!!

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OH - I want an outhouse garden! I have the old enamel bed pan and urinal. Just need an outhouse. :)

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Thanks everyone!
Sprout - yes the pans all have holes in the bottom. Found the picket fence at a local craft store - it was one long piece and I cut it in sections. I don't have close up pics of the jars - they actually did not sell well and I have stopped making them. I keep my eyes open all year round for accessories - thrift stores, garage sales, craft stores, you name it. The fairies I order from www.miniatire-gardens.com. I also found some at Dollar Tree this spring. The gnomes came from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Dollar General - have to get the stuff very early in the spring though, it moves fast. I usually start looking in Feb. when they start putting spring stuff out.

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Luvs2click, I could nnever tire of looking at your gardens & craft items. You inspire me! Are you close to Quailcrest? I missed the spring show, but hope to make the herb show. Great pics on flickr!

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Never Never get tired of looking at pictures - that is what I love about all the GardenWeb forums - the sharing of gardens, ideas and treasures. I get so much inspiration from them all.

Absolutely love this 'outhouse' garden - reminds me so much of my Aunt and Uncle's dairy farm - my aunt had a beautiful cottage garden around an always freshly painted outhouse - TFS .....


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I think this may be the first time I've seen your outhouse! But, I can tell you right now I won't ever get tired of seeing pictures of it. I would love to have room for one....as I'm typing this I'm thinking I just might have a spot for something like this. I'll be showing DH, my partner in crime, your outhouse picture.

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Always love seeing your pictures and your outhouse. lol! Keep 'em coming!

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I love this! My husband wants to build an outhouse for our garden tools and I wasn't sure how to incorporate it into the landscape. We have so many buildings already, our one acre lot looks like a small town at times, but this would be so cute!

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Arlene,love your Hollyhocks & orange Tiger lilies, sure miss mine that I brought from So. Dak. I guess they died of "old age" always knew summer would soon be here when that bright orange flower with the brown freckles bloomed! Your barnwood outhouse is so lovely & the matching birdhouse. Ours was white with green trim to match the house, dad had put in birdhouse at the top by the peak of roof. Opening was on back side tho so you didn't step out & get pooped on!LOL Love the bedpan planter! Everything looks so healthy, I started using mulch this year since everyone on here has such green stuff & lots of blooms going to see if I can get things looking like they used to. I'm kind of tempted to ask if the pan hanging on the outhouse has a use or is just decoration? Perhaps there is a faucet nearby & you water with it! Jan

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Jan - the pan is just decoration. It actually came with an enamel basin and a rusty chain hanging on the other side - you can't see if because of the angle of the photo. Also the horseshoe on the top left corner. I added the license plate and the other pan to the opposite side. Thanks for the comments, it's a great conversation piece in the backyard. Had a garage sale last week and everyone commented on it.

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Hi, I am new to "Garden Web". I just had to tell you, I love your outhouse garden. I have recently purchased an outhouse for my garden. I can't wait to be able to start planting around it. Your pictures have really given me some wonderful ideas. I live in PA. Thanks again for sharing.

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Love your Outhouse Garden!!! My husband plans to build me one this summer ~ I find your pictures very inspiring! Did you use plans to build the outhouse? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
thanks for sharing

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Love your outhouse setting! Never tire of pics!!tfs

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