philodendron cordatum

jamiedolan(4/5)October 29, 2010

I found a plant labeled philodendron cordatum tonight. The leaves were very yellow, I thought it was a neon Pothos, but the leaves looked more like a phil.

Is there a philodendron with bright yellow color leaves?

The philodendron cordatum is just the name for the regular green philodendron right?



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Hi Jamie,

I have not seen any yellow Philodendron cordatum's, but it is quite possible that someone has developed a yellow hybrid. Are you sure it is intended to be yellow and not suffering from some kind of nutrient deficiency?

Will Creed

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Hi Will;

No I am not positive of that. I did consider it possible, though it is really pretty yellow. They had 2 of them and one is a little more greenish than the other, but it looks very similar in color to the image (it is a photo of a neon Pothos - this plant defiantly had a phil leaf though) I attached the link to.

They are a bit over watered, but overall are not looking that sickly, they are in about a 6" pot, that has vines that hang down on the sides 6 inches or more in a couple places.

Is there a deficiency that could cause it to look so darn yellow, yet look reasonably healthy?


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Check out this link to a photo I just found in google. The site it is on does not identify it.

This is what the philodendron cordatum looks like, and in this photo it is right next to a regular philodendron.

This is exactly like what I saw at the store, and the regular hanging philodendrons looked very similar to the green one (on the right) in this photo. (though I think that may be what is commonly called "micans" on the right side of the photo.


P.S. The people at the store unfortunately have no clue. There is one person at the store during the week that I could ask that might be able to figure / find out.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes there is a plant that is a yellow philodendron cordatum. It is called philodendron neon cordatum. How it came about was that there were spors from the "your everyday garden variety green cordatum" and growers thought it was pretty neat so they started cultivating the yellow or limey green color cordatum and poof philodendron neon cordatum was created. Do not put it to high of light because it will burn. Medium to low is better. Do not let it stand in water and let it dry between waterings for best growing. These are terrific houseplants.

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Ditto with Elaine. There is definitely a yellow philodendron. I've found it a little more finicky than the green but a nice houseplant. I even have one called "Splash" that has a mixture of green and yellow leaves-very pretty!


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