Fairy Gardens

luvs2clickJune 14, 2011

I've been super busy planting and maintaining container fairy gardens for a show I just did last weekend. Now that it's over, thought I'd share a few photos of some of the more interesting ones. There's a photo link at the bottom of this post with tons more pictures. I had so much fun doing this! (both collecting things to plant in all year round and planting them, but most of all selling them!) Arlene

Here is a link that might be useful: Lots more photos

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Another one I forgot to post. I loved this little thing. It was planted in a loaf pan (for baking bread) to give you an idea on the size.

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Arlene, Your fairy gardens are lovely. You are inspiring me to get busy.

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Marlene Kindred

Okay, so you have to give me some instructions here cause I love these!! Do you use a certain kind of planting medium? And do you put lots of drainage holes or just a few? These are just the cutest things.....LOVE all of your collectibles in them!

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Marlene - I just poke a few holes in the bottom with my hammer and nail and fill with Miracle Gro potting soil that has been mixed with heavier generic potting soil - don't want it too rich or your pans will be overflowing in no time. I usually mix 3 - 40lb. bags of heavy potting soil with 1 bag (the large bag - 2 cu. ft. I believe) of Miracle Gro soil, OR of course, 1 bag of the heavy cheap stuff with 1/3 bag of the good stuff. Then I just use perennial groundcover plants (sedums, thymes, Irish & Scotch moss, etc.) because they are so hardy and come back every year. I have much of this already growing in my rock garden, so I just go get a little start and stick it in the pan. I collect the little goodies at garage sales and thrift stores and craft stores all year round. Some of my fairies I have to order online. I found a man at the show this weekend willing to wholesale little clay signs that say "welcome" for $1 each. He's making me 50 for next year! Also possibly some mushrooms. I'm excited about that! They are so much fun - you should try it!

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Oh, looks like you worked hard & got alot ready ...then sold! Great! Always love seeing your fairy gardens...the containers you use...& those clay signs sound wonderful for next yr. How about using some old garage sale or thrift shop jewelry as 'rock' gardens in your fairy gardens??? Dominoes??? What fun! You have been very busy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I so enjoyed at your pics on flicker. I kept making amental list of things I wanted to comment on, but it got too long to remember! The mushrooms, the mini totems (will I ever pass up a dolls tea set again?), the creativity of the containers, the boots, all at very reasonable prices. They are beautiful!
The bottle bugs from Christmas lites - such a creative and cute reuse!

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They are all just wonderful. And going thru your albums on Flickr is such a treat. You are so creative and energetic!
(something I'm sadly lacking)

hugs, Karen

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