'Common Houseplant' Needs ID!

magreen23October 5, 2011

I was given this plant recently, and it was almost dead when I received it. All I know is that it's supposed to be a "common houseplant" It's grown a bit now, but it's still really awkward and strange looking.

Anyone know what kind of plant this is so I can take better care of it?

Thanks :D

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Mag,

I believe this is a Ficus Lyrata (aka Fiddle Leaf Fig). If you do a search for this name, I'd expect you'd see pix that would match your plants.

Sorry, I don't know its care, let's see what others suggest.

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Mag..your plant is Ficus lyrata. It definately needs more sunlight.
This Ficus likes high humidity, thoroughly watered, but soil needs to dry before adding more water, and very bright light.

Come spring, add an All Purpose fertilizer. If you can set it outside, do so.

You have a couple options.
Let be, and hope for the best.

Cut back, 'root the top.' Keep the bottom portion. It should regrow.

Air-layering is a third option, but the trunk is fairly thin, don't know if it'd take. It'd be difficult making a cut without slicing through the entire trunk. Toni

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Does anyone know the name of this plant?
Does anyone know the name of this plant?
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