papasan chair arbor?

bunky(z6 OH)June 14, 2010

Does anyone remember an arbor or trellis made from a papasan chair? I would like to make one now that I have an extra chair and i don't remember how to make it. thanks

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I have sees a papasan chair made into a planter of which I salvaged one from the dumpster for just such as that but so far it hasn't been planted yet.Maybe some others can help you with that.Have you typed in "papasan chair' on here to see what it pulls up?

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I think I remember that, wasn't it a bright blue? The one I remember was on a simple wooden frame (4 corner posts and a wood "X" connecting the tops of the posts). The round chair thing was inverted and placed/attached as the roof? The vines climbed up the corner posts and grew all over the top. Is that the one? I saw that just after I sold my own papasan. g-r-r-r

I saw something similar that had sheer drapery panels hanging down from the edges of the 'roof'. It was like an intimate little seating area. Cute!!

One idea I had was to staple that Hawaiian grass skirt material that comes on a 10 foot roll and attach it, round and round, to the roof to make a thatched-roof palapa.

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ooh!!! keep the ideas coming!! I may come into possession of a couple of papasan chairs in the near future!

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Here is a pic of my planter that I made from an old Papsan Chair. I can't wait for it to fill out!

Here is a link that might be useful: Papsan Planter

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I had saved this to "my clippings" about papsan chair planter...if you click on this link, then the link in kat-wa post (2nd one down), you're get a tutorial ... can click on continue to next pg., etc. They are pretty cool.

Sorry can't help you with the arbor one...must have missed that. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Papasan chair planter

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That's the tutorial I used to make mine! I was looking for trellis ideas and found the planter idea and went with that instead. My papasan chair has the coolest spiral pattern. It's too bad the dirt hides it...

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I think it has been decided, my daughter and I are going to plant a fairy garden in one of them!! I'm very excited now!! I was going to try to make a hypertufa container, but this will save me some time.

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Someone on the board mentioned awhile ago about lining it with landscape fabric, filling it with dirt and planting it with lettuces, etc. like a big salad bowl. Then placing a giant fork and spoon in it - the ones you see in thrift shops that used to hang on people's walls in the 1980's. I always thought that was a cool idea!

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