Polymer clay mushrooms

DixieGardner(7b)June 21, 2013

Has anyone used polymer clay to make small mushrooms for fairy gardens? I would like to make my own and can't think of anything else to use. Other ideas would be more than welcome! I was thinking about giving them several coats of polyurethane after I have baked them. Thoughts?

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My husband made a few from polymer clay and we left them out in the fairy garden all winter to test them out. They were fine - no cracks or even fading. We didn't coat them with anything. He's also made birdbaths for me with polymer clay. Anxious to hear other replies. Because of the time issue and the fact that I need MANY mushrooms, I did find a local ceramic artist who makes them for me to use in my pan gardens.

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Great ideas!

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You could go to the dollar store,buy some bowls with a shape you like,paint them on the inside ,and glue something on them for a stem.You wouldn't have to worry about the paint as it's on the inside.

I do this to make spinners from plastic 2 and 3 ltr bottles.First with the bottles I cut pictures from fabric,or magazines,decoupage it to the inside of the bottle that I've cut the bottom off of.When that's dry,i take those foam brushes and paint over the picture on the inside as well.I'll try to find a picture to show you after I have my dinner.

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I have made, and sold mushrooms with vase stems
and glass bowl tops.....

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