How to preserve bird nest?

galcho(z8 Northwest)June 5, 2008

I found a bird nest that somebody almost broke, maybe some animal pushed it from a bush?

I fixed it and want to use as an art in my garden, but how can i prevent it from breaking apart under bad weather?

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bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)

I don't know about outside, but I have had bird's nest I found when we lived in the mountains many years ago and had put it in a tin box 7 years ago. When I was unpacking some forgotten stuff at this house I re-discovered it. Now I have it in a bare manzanita branch on my screen porch, kind of like it was made right there by a bird. I got some of those fake birds eggs (from Michaels)and put them in it and one of those fake birds and put it in a branch above - real cute.

I'll bet you could spray the nest with some of the dried floral preservative spray they have - still not sure how well it would last outside though - can you put it somewhere under the eaves of your house?

Can't wait to see how you use it.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

I have some I put on the Christmas tree every year, so far,so good. I don't know how to keep one outside, but maybe spray it like Springvillegardens suggested. I use the Walmart kind that's about a dollar a can. Maybe you could set it inside a basket about the same size.

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Honestly, I think most bird nests should do fine depending on where you put it. If you think about it, a birds nest is made outside and is designed to house eggs and baby birds in them through all sorts of weather. I wouldn't leave it laying out in the open all the time, like on a picnic table, simply because they are light and can be blown away by the wind. Perhaps place it in a bush or small tree in the yard? Maybe place it on the ground but within a garden (so no one steps on it). You could find smooth round stones in a river/lake/ocean...or where ever and then paint them to look like some type of birds eggs. The small stones may not be much weight, but they'd be a little weight to hold it down.
If you do put it on the ground, keep it close to plants because the plants will block the wind from it.
And if all else fails, just wait until later in the summer when more birds nest empty out then go climb a tree and find another one :)

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I'm so glad you asked ...I have a nest that I found & I adore it ... it's in my China cabinet -- I Was wondering how long it will last . Thanks - now I know that I can spray it to preserve it . .

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hi, I would just like to let you know i found the prettiest birds nest last season,and my son loved we put it on our rock wall with a pot next to it..WELL only about 30 minutes later...a squirrel came, and ripped it in half and took it with him/her...UGH !

So..if you want to keep it, make sure the squirrels wont get to it !

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