jds912December 13, 2008

which varieties has everyone grown. which were the most flavorful. anyone got heirloom seed for sale. any luck with french chartenis melons.

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The French Charentais did not work for me. It grew small softball sized, smooth melons which had no scent and when cut open, looked and smelled like a bland cucumber. Flesh was whitish yellow not orange. Maybe they did not mature. Bought the seed from Seed Saver Exchange. It was a disappointment.

I would like recommendations for fast growing, sweet, not too big watermelons and cantaloupes for next year.

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Personally I like the Galia type cantaloupes best. Galia, Passport,Sigal, Arava, Rocky Sweet,Sensation,Girlie, Antalya. Muskmelon: Super Market, Burpee Hybrid, Sugar Queen,Abu, Star Headliner, Excellence, Honey Rock, Harpers Hybrid ... Honeydew: Earlidew, Venus, Honey Pearl, Magic -To - Dew, Honey Comb. Water melon (Icebox type) Micky Lee, Sugar Baby, Fordhook, Yellow Doll, Red Doll

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macheske(6/7 NorthernVA)

I would definitely recommend the Burpee Ambrosia cantaloupe. We had so many that we couldn't keep up with picking and freezing let alone eating. There is one in this picture. I don't know which watermellon is in the picture. I haven't had much luck with watermellon. They don't seem to be as sweet as what I expect and many do not fully ripen.

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shellva(Camden 7b/8a)

I am not a melon growing expert by far. I don't have many years nor many varieties of experience growing this particular type plant. That being said, I've grown Minnesota Midget for the past two years. I love their size, about the size of a large softball, they taste wonderful-sweet but not sickie sweet, good texture-firm yet melt in your mouth(cliche` but true), fair amount from one plant-6-8 per plant (no idea what a melon plant is supposed to give) and the vines don't take over the world-get about 3-4 ft long. I think they ripen fairly quickly too-about 2 months. Oh, and they seem to handle my cucumber beetle problem well.

I am branching out on varieties this year but Minnesota Midget will still be in my garden.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I like Sugar Queen, Pulsar,Rocky Sweet, Burpee Early Crenshaw, And Jaipur. I am planning on trialing yet some more this coming year.

Twenty some years ago I raised some Ambrosia. To us they were too musky so it is often a matter of taste to some degree.

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I have only grown one melon for the past three years. It's a green fleshed melon with a salmon tinted seed cavity called Evan's Sweet. It's highly rated by those who grow it in the Seed Savers Exchange. Fruits are between 5-6 lb and netted. Our family really likes it.

Tahlequah, OK

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I have to 2nd the poster who praised the Minnesota Midget. It was perfect for our garden too. The vines are only about 3 to 4 ft long and grow up the 3' fence that I have around the garden (taking up no space hardly at all). The melons are sweet and delicious! I will definitely be growing these in the garden every year. Do you need some seeds? I have some that I saved.

Here is a link that might be useful: Judy's Square Foot Garden

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Here's a link to the post on my blog with a pic of the Minnesota Midget.

Here is a link that might be useful: Minnesota Midget -- Blog Post

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Magnolias4ever, I was wondering if Minnesota Midget tasted as good as your pictures looked? I just ordered some seed for it, and I'm hoping mine turn out as good as the ones in your pictures. How many fruits (approximately) did each plant produce? Did the vines really stay around 3-4 feet long?
Thanks for providing the link to your pictures!

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grandad_2003(9A/sunset 28)

jds912, I plant Ambrosia and Burpee Hybrid. Both do well for me but of the 2, I prefer the Burpee Hybrid.... My only "problem" with the Burpee Hybrid is that it does to perform to the description on the package or Burpee site, which states:

"82 days. Our classic hybrid with a well-deserved reputation for outstanding flavor. Slightly oval fruits are ribbed, heavily netted, and measure 7" long, 6" across and weigh 4-1/2 lbs. each. Flesh is deep orange, thick, firm and juicy. Burpee bred."

Insead, I get...

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anney(Georgia 8)

I don't grow cantaloupes/muskmelons any more after discovering Burpee's Early Crenshaws. I think they're the best-tasting melon I've ever eaten, sweet, juicy, very melony without the musk of cantaloupes. I like their large size, too, since we can eat so much of them. I freeze the rest to add to other fruits for smoothies during the winter.

The only drawback for the first time grower of Crenshaws is knowing when they're ripe, though that's true for other non-slip melons. They don't slip off the stem like cantaloupes. I've learned to go by the deepening yellow color and smell, which can perfume a large area of the garden!

But each to his own. If a garden-grow melon is ripe, nothing you buy can approach it.

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I've only grown Ambrosias... but I really really like them enough not to try anything else. *I have limited space. I can only grow two melon plants.* Not much room for experimentation.

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My minnesota midget cantaloupes have grown to 8 ft long. What happened to 3ft? lol
Anyways, how do you know when there ready as I have never grown this type before. There small green and yellow on the bottom but not loose at the stem.

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