I'm Done, I'm Done with WonderHorse

excessfroufrou(7)June 17, 2010

I finally finished my WonderHorse/carousel horse. It took me forever, because I used acrylic paint made for the outdoors and every little detail required 3 coats. Then I used a tinted wash, then one step crackle (which didn't work so good), then tinted polyurethane and then clear polyurethane. The tinted poly kind of took the shine off the gold on the tail and mane, but I like the antiquey look it gave it. I hope it holds up outside, I'm going to put it in a shady spot, maybe that will help. I really kind of wanted to keep it int the house, but have absolutely no where to put it. DH did a wonderful job mounting it on a lamp pole(it's weighs about 30 pounds) that he actually found at the TS.


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Too cute!

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princess_mimi(z5 6 OH)

Fabulous! He looks grand. Kudos to your DH for the lamp post idea too. That's a great finishing touch.


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Oh my! He (she?) is just beautiful. You have done a wonderful job painting him (her?). I have serious pony envy!


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Oh my, he's WONDERFUL. And the pole is just perfect. I wouldn't let him in the yard, LOL, he's too pretty to be out in the weather.
My pony is just a slightly different model than yours, but its funny we both decided to paint Palominos! ;o) I wish I had your patience for all the neat painting you did. But hopefully you've inspired me to try harder.

I'll be adding your Pony to our Misc. inspiration album.
hugs, Karen

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spedigrees z4VT

Your bouncy horse turned carousel horse is a treasure! Your hubby did a great job attaching this critter to the lamp post. (Is it a working lamp post?) The lamp post has an antique look to it that fits the horse perfectly. And your paint job is spectacular. I love the antique look of the top coat and all the multi-colored details of the saddle and bridle and other trappings. He hasn't looked so good even when he was new from the factory.

I hope he holds up to the weather. I'd want him inside my house too, but alas I have no room either. Of my two garden ponies, one needed repainting after two winters and the other is holding up well, so you can never tell.

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AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! I want it !!! LOL
That was a big job and you did fantastic !!

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It's beautiful!! You did a great job on it. I'm wondering what these horses are made of. That would somewhat determine whether or not they would hold up outside.

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Did your Wonderhorse have pegs in it, for hand and foot holds? I've got an old bouncy horse that need attention and I've been trying to figure out the best way to cover the holes left by the pegs. Please do tell! Your Wonderhorse is wonderful!

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Absolutely beautiful. Your talent and patience paid off.

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That is beautiful!Great job of painting!!

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Marlene Kindred

OMGosh...he turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Can hardly believe he's a bouncy horse...he looks so elegant! And, the lamp post is just perfect! Great job Frou!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Wonderful memories Thanks

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Just beautiful and you did a great job! Looks great on that pole.

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Hey SusieRose, how about Frou! She did a horse before Monday for your POTM "suggestion". LOL.

Tasy, these are the bouncy ponies with the holes in them.
I was told to get a wood dowel (HD has one the perfect size to fill up the hole, you just cut it to fit as flush as possible. Then you can use wood putty or whatever to to smooth the area before painting. Or buy big 'gems' from craft store, or the conchos in silver or gold, if you want to cover the area. I haven't decided how I'm decorating my pony yet, so just have the dowels in him right now.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks guys. Spedigrees, the lamp was no longer working when I got it and the top shade was missing (I added the top finial). There were l.e.d. lights in the glass part on top, but the cord was missing. So no lights now. Tasymo, Karen has a good idea about using the dowels to fill the holes. Here is the story about how I filled mine. There is sort of a well of plastic when you take the hand and foot pegs out. I glued a piece of cardboard with a string tied to it inside the holes and DH suggested I use that spray can foam, so we filled each hole so it was even, when it dried it grew into pegs sticking out of each hole. I cut the excess off and smoothed it out with some bondo type stuff. Then I primed it, when I went to check on it, the paint completely melted the foam, so I was back to holes again. The second time I cut circles from a plastic butter tub top and glued them on with GE II and then used the bondo stuff to float it out. The latter worked pretty well. And Karen you're right, I did get my horse done for POTM by today, Yea me.

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Since the pegs are still intact on my horse, I'm wondering if I can simply cut them off, flush with the surface, then bondo over them to smooth it out? I haven't decided if I'm going to mosaic mine, or paint it. It will get done alot sooner if I paint, and I can always mosaic it later, if I want to...

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Kudos to you, Frou! It looks great. :D
I collected spring horses for a couple years with the intention of painting and mounting them all as carousel horses. I did one, and have a garage loft full of many more still waiting.
The one I did paint: after several years outside year-round, I noticed some paint has peeled off, and there are bubbles in a lot of places. But I didn't prepare or seal it well. And wasps liked it a lot. I didn't seal up the holes where the handles were. :/

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Looks like it belongs on an old fashioned Merry-Go- Round!! Beautiful job!!Wonderful addition to any garden!! Jan

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How adorable!!! I just love it and the lamp post is the perfect touch!!! I'm so jealous..... Great job! :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Beautiful! Your paint job is incredible. It looks just like a carousel horse.

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I love it!! Cheryl

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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

That is one beautiful horse you got there! I love all the colors you chose, and your dedication shows.

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You're going to have every kid in the neighborhood wanting a ride on him! You did a lovely job on the paint. He looks like a fancy carousel horse. You'd never imagine he once bounced on springs. Your DH did an awesome job attaching him to the pole. Great job!

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bebob(z5 IN)

WOW! What a beautiful job you did. I know what you mean about 3 coats. Been there done that, but the finished project is wonderful.

Have a great day to all stay cool and dry this weekend

Betty From Indiana

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

It's Beautiful!

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My daughter did one and she used plastic PVC pipe for a post. Put a round Christmas gold ornament on top. Used plastic paints for the horse and pipe and used an old patio umbella stand to hold the pipe.

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Somehow I missed this post and I'm sorry I did. That is a class act, looks great in your yard.

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

I luv it! Your patience and hard word created ths awesome Carosol Horse. I haven't been on here for a while so nice to come back and enjoy this piece.
Nana Sylvia

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

Holy cow (horse). I thought that was a real carousel horse. I was wondering where you got that, then after reading saw it was a bouncy horse. I will now have to keep my eye out for one of those. I would love to have it in my front yard. That is an awesome job!

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Cool! I just can't bring myself to do that to mine though.... ah.....it's over 50 years young!! Grandkids still ride it sometimes! But yours is absolutely beautiful!!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

If you need another use for a wonderhorse...make sure it is the flat one and not the one with head turned a bit.....cut in half. Make a wood piece to go inside to use as hanger on wall. Great for kids rooms. Use the dowel to hang things.

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I have a spring horse we bought for my son (he's now 44) and I have it cut in half lengthwise, with the intention of having the two halves face each other, mounted on my board fence. I intend to fill the cavity with spray foam insulation, so there's no place for hornets to nest. What kind of paint should I use? Is there a primer that I should use? This horse is hard plastic and has been through a raft of children and still looks pretty good, so I'd say it's sturdy. My house is federal blue with yellow trim, so I want to have one horse blue with yellow and the other yellow with blue. Does that sound dumb? So far, this is just in the planning stages, and I don't find anything else in the Garden Junk forum exactly like what I've got in mind. I'd love suggestions....

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I primed the horse with Krylon paint that is made for plastic before I painted it with acrylic paints made for the outdoors. Then I sealed it with polyurethane. After about a year outdoors it started to peel on the nose and tail, it looks like maybe it was a problem with the primer because it peeled all the way to the bare plastic which had no original paint left. I'm not sure what the solution would be, I have since moved the horse under the porch and he is holding up better, I just need to touch him up. I like the idea of cutting him in half for your fence, be sure and show us how it turns out.

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Superior woman -I've never done fancy painting like Frou, but I have painted a few outdoor plastic things. You really need the plastic CLEAN. I usually wash and dry, then use white vinegar and dry again. I've even set up a fan outside to help dry the objects. If the plastic isn't clean your paint will peel real fast.

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So true about the plastic having to be super clean...I was trying to cut corners and now have a mess with some lattice I wanted to be green instead of white...arg!
Like everyone else has said here...this guy is a class act!!! LOVE it! That lamp post looks perfect with him!!! Over The Top!

    Bookmark   May 17, 2012 at 11:27AM
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