Pond and garden Tour 2010

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))June 11, 2010

Each year Ace Hardware in the county above us puts on a tour featuring their garden and pond customers. My husband and I try to go and this year it landed on our anniversary. We never have time to hit all the gardens but as many pictures as I take it is probably good.Plenty of plants,water and whimsy,,,yes junky whimsy too!! Enjoy the tour and ideas!


Here is a link that might be useful: 2010 Pond and garden tour

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WOW! thank you!

GREAT pictures!

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

I wish I was there! Loved all the blue pots (wow) and the touches whimsy. They had great garden junk ideas too. Thanks for posting.

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What a wonderful tour!!
Lots of great things and they also raised a lot of questions for me-LOL. I wanted to know 'what is that'
and 'how was that made' Grin. Loved pic #5....among others!

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Marlene Kindred

What great pictures and LOTS of great ideas! Thanks for sharing your tour with us!

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Sometimes I wish I lived in that zone...beautiful! Thanks for posting!

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O.M.G.!!!!! I just overdosed on Eye Candy!!! Gotta go lay down and dream happy ideas...then look again...been doing that and not even posting yet...just soooo much inspiration, it boggles my little mind!!! W.O.W.!!! Cobalt Blues..stained glass...vinettes..oh my!

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WOW...I've saved this one into clippings! Please don't take away the pics for awhile! What a wonderful day! I love Garden Walks! This one is WAY over the top! so much to absorb! That wicker set inside a gazebo? (I'd like to sit there with a book)...that metal roof old wood bldg with tons & tons of terracotta! Ahhhhh! Is that DH leanin' against the tree? Thank U, golden! WONDERFUL!

Jeanne S.

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Gorgeous pictures and plenty of inspiration! I sure thought of Lindasewandsew when I saw all the blue pots. lol! Thanks so much for sharing! It looks like you and hubby and a wonderful anniversary :^)

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

thank you all i am glad to have shared them with you. there is so much to see I am glad i photogragh it all because i too see new things each time.

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Beautiful!!Love the blue pots, they pop in the garden & the soft turquoise looks so cool & soothing. The purples & other use of colors of plants really is lovely. The old window wall is fabulous but would be hard to find windows with those configurations, they are truly antiques. The green tiles in the outdoor kitchen, the dragonflies all hanging there, did they make them? Will have to go back & look again, too much to take in on 1 tour!!! Thanks, Jan

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spedigrees z4VT

That was a spectacular pond and garden tour! Thank you for posting this slideshow. Now I want to build a greenhouse and put in a pond! You have some amazingly talented gardeners in your area!

That must have been a fun anniversary tour for you and your other half. I wish our local Ace hardware conducted garden tours in my area!

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Thanks for the tour, it was like a mini vacation. Like everyone else, I love all the blue pots. I have always tried to keep my pots a green or a neutral color and let the plant shine. What was I thinking? With the bright pots, even so-so plants look great. I loved all the tropical looking plants, too.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

thanks. I guess they aren't just tropical LOOKING I mean this is Florida. the gal with the beautiful stained glass actually is a stained glass artist. The lady with all the blue pots and the country gardens and ponds worked at Ace as did another gardener. The beautiful screened in courtyard garden with waterfall was owned by a lady from the Philipines who tried to create her Island mountain garden.
Some are just folks who have a dream of a water garden. I have tours from other years. I should post then sometime.

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Bumping this so others can see.....

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Thanks for bumping this up. I hadn't seen it before. We have a small skating pond in our back yard. It's ~5,000 sf - so large for a landscape pond, but small for a skating pond. I struggle quite a bit with landscaping out there.

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Sandplum1(z7 Seminole, OK)

Lots of eye candy! I saw what looked like a turquoise painted can planter that reminded me of the pocket planters I used to see here made of painted coffee cans with the bottoms cut out, then rolled up. Loved all the blues and tropical plants.

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