tiny bugs IN brussels sprouts?

ecziemerDecember 17, 2012

I've been a lurker here for years--usually someone has asked my question and I'm good to go. But, I can't find an answer this time, so I have to post myself!

We're starting to eat our brussels sprouts and as I was cleaning them I discovered that there are tiny tiny black bugs deep in the sprouts. And what appear to be empty egg cases. So far one plant is more infested than the others. Definitely not aphids. Something else.

Does anyone know?



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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Pictures would help us.

Still suspect aphids. They come in varying sizes and colors.

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I'll get pictures. Less than 1mm long, very skinny.

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Just a guess, but sometimes onion thrips will move to cabbage crops in the fall. But you wouldn't see egg cases because of their small size. More likely those egg cases are vacated cocoons -- the evidence of earlier work by predatory flies or wasps.

All the creatures in my b sprouts are aphids. The stressed plants always have more than the happy ones.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

There are some videos that may be relevant. Google ~ how to remove bugs cooking "brussel sprouts" ~

(Google don't seem to care if we call them brussel sprouts or brussels sprouts.)

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

The couple of times I tried BS, they were over run by aphids!
The guys that I work with in the organic produce dept at an organic grocery store said that THEY don't even buy the organic BS, cause they are always so over run with aphids!
My first try, I wasn't wearing my glasses out into the garden and didn't see them til someone mentioned them, the second time, I wore my glasses out there every time and sprayed them every other day with a strong spray of water, and they were still too infested for me to stomach!
BS are one thing I have given up on. Nancy

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