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jeannespinesJune 13, 2010

Looks like we've started a discussion for POTM (Project of the Month) on another thread...can we continue it here on a new thread since that one is getting so very long.

I remember POTM when I first started about 3 yrs ago & thought some of the GJers came up with great ideas...no judging on it...just plain creative ideas...here's an example of one link I remember reading. It was a cool idea from "nmgirl." Anyone else have POTM to share from the past for ideas for the future! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Feb. POTM - garden bells - nmgirl

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I think it's a great idea, but a month is rarely enough time for me to finish any project. I know a lot of people really enjoyed it and were able to participate nearly every month, and the things they turned out were always very nice.

One time the POTM was a mosaic and it took me about three years to complete mine! By the time it was finished no one cared what it looked like and no one even remembered that POTM anyway.

But if we were voting on whether to have a POTM again I would say yes. It's fun to see friendly collaboration on similar projects and all the various interpretations of a single idea. Cheryl

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

If we have a POTM, the site would basically be tied up for a month on one thing. Some persons as Seamommy pointed out would take months or even years to complelte a project, with entries trickling in indefinitely. This is basically what we do now, but nobody determines for us what we should work on each month. POTMs are too regimented for me. I 'craft' for fun and relaxation.

I junk with the wind. (lol)

I love the free-spiritedness of being able to work on whatever we want and surprise people with our creation. not to set agendas and deadlines. That's too much like work. Frankly, some of the projects did not interest me, i.e Garden hats. However, I love seeing other people create them.

Some will do the POTM, but others will fall by the wayside because they are not part of the group, and possibly lose interest. It's just my humble opinion (JMHO) but I am enjoying things just the way they are.

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Sprout, the site would not be 'tied up for a month on one thing"! And previously, folks who didn't do a POTM never fell by the wayside or lost interest! Anyone here on our Forum is part of our Group, and no one is made to make something specific at any time! This has nothing to do with what projects or trends are going on. We're all here for Garden Junk, period.
I never did a POTM myself, as I tend to procrastinate and let Time get away from me. But I loved seeing what others came up with when presented with a common theme.

The POTM was just one thread on our Forum,not every single post. I think you've misunderstood how fun it was to either do or just SEE. I don't see how it can be considered "regimented". Someone suggests something, if you want to do it, fine. If not, fine. On May 1, if someone said lets do a Red-Wht-Blue POTM for Memorial Day....gosh, limitless possibilities there.

I'm sorry, but I can't believe how a POTM could be construed as something so negative. Here we are trying to get past the other thread where folks got their panties in a twist, and now it seems something else needs "defending".
Maybe I better go back to lurking, this isn't fun.


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Hey Jeanne and Karen, I was a newbie when the POTM was kind of dying out. I had a ball checking out what everyone was making and would love to participate in it. I think we should start one up and show how it works. Then I don't think anyone would have a problem with it...once they see the positives with it and see that their worries aren't anything to worry about.

I have an idea for one to start with...how about everyone's favorite blue bottles. I would love to see some new...or old...ways to use the bottles I have been collecting since I started out here.

I know I have been missing in action for a while. Have been doing the graduation thing and now getting ready for the huge party! I am sooooo ready to jump back into the garden junk. I think this would be a great way to do it.


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Hi Smicker! Good to hear from you! (& enjoy grad party!...great time of life!) I'd give it a try, too! Blue bottles sound good to me! Anyone else have an idea or want to try? We've open for creative ideas! We could start now & make it thru middle of July or something!

PM, what do you think? You're our Inspiration Album lady! Do ya have time for more creative junk pics!!!

Nona, what do you think? You've been on GJ a long time! & I remember your postings when I first joined up here!

Looking forward to hearing from ya' GJers! Jeanne S.

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So good to hear from you, Smick. I've missed you.
Jeanne, I am ALWAYS around where our albums are concerned.
Tho unfortunately I do get behind in adding photos at times. I save them to my files, then get slow about uploading to Photobucket. But they will make it there eventually I promise.

I am feeling rather discouraged with things right now.
I lurked for quite a while as I wasn't making anything,
and had burned myself out in more ways than one. I started posting again just recently. Now I'm wondering why?
I have enough conflict in RL that I don't want to deal with it here.


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I have been here since the beginning of Garden junk when we separated from Garden accoutrements. Back in the late 90's. All the records were deleted, and the oldest membership now showing (on 'my pages') is 2001 I think. I get in trouble sometimes for sending folks to the 'conversations' side, when they post things other than garden junk on the 'discussions' side.
There have been several times when POTM's were done for awhile, and then it would stop for awhile. After I was unable to post photos (who knows why things changed and I couldn't do that anymore) I did not always participate. I always like to see what others made, and sometimes 'borrowed' (copied! LOL) the ideas.
Someone would always make a suggestion for the month, and others would 'do their thing' with it. Lots of different ideas with the same theme. It's like the junk train-it runs awhile and then everyone 'rests' for awhile. I say we can Go With It, pick a theme and see how many want to work on that. Nobody HAS to participate if they don't want to. I was not first to post BB's but was the first to make BB stands out of lamp bases and posted those pictures. And things grew from there -Grin.


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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I'm not complaining - somebody just suggested we give our opinions and I gave mine. It seems to me like we are already doing something like a POTM. This month we happened to be doing totems, but somebody wanted to change that. I was still enjoying totems. No problem. I'm flexible.

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Hey Jeanne,

I'm game for going with having them posted by the middle of July.

Sprout, I didn't see the post about a POTM with totems. I think we could probably do both. There is never a discouraged idea around here. I love to see everything that gets posted.


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Marlene Kindred

Ok, Jeannie.....since you started this thread...why don't you pick what our project will be for July! Then us "older timers" can demonstrate how it's done. I'm certainly game....summertime is when I do more junking than any other time of year because once the temps reach 90 degrees, this chick can't be outside....

So, what do you say?

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kudzukween(8 MS)

As always...I'll play when I can! I'm still garden junking, just don't always think it's up to bragging about *grin!* or I half finish things....I'm easily distracted by anything bright and shiny! The rain chains are back on my mind since the latest post...and I want my own,too! I'm thinking thinking thinking....but I don't show my "craft-fails"...maybe I should?? I seem to be doing a lot more sewing lately, but there isn't a lot of interest in it as I wish there was :D
So if there's an idea for a POTM, and I have stuff already, I'll play,too!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Jeanne- I didn't mean we really had a totem POTM, but that we were all having fun with everyone showing their totems, and somebody suggested we change to something else. I just meant to suggest that that was similar to a POTM, where everyone shows their little beauties, and offers suggestions on their technique.

LOL at Kudzukween - I have a junker friend and she and I say we are like Walleyes (the fish), because whenever we we see something bright and shiny we dive after it. I, too, am easily distracted. I should join the POTD club (project of the day). As a famous junker said recently: "Junk on!!"

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I'LL HELP JEANNE COME UP WITH THE POTM IDEA!!!! OK everybody. Make a life sized horse by next Monday and only use the good junk. NOT......... JUST KIDDING. Remember when we were all painting the houses for the fence? We were posting them as we finished on the same thread. At that time we were also doing other things individually and posting them on separate threads. Maybe we could do a SUMMER SEASON PROJECT. FALL SEASON PROJECT. WINTER PROJECT. ETC. That way the time deadlines aren't so scary for us free spirits.

XXXO Susie

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LOL, susieroses! "A LIFE-SIZED HORSE!" ...you are TOO FUNNY, girl! LOL! (chuckle, chuckle) LOL-AGAIN!!!

Ok, I'll start a post based on all the info from above...actually this conversation started on a previous post...but to keep this post down to under 40 hits, I'll start a new one with everyone's considerations in mind!

It will be called "POSSE!" I'll post it on a new thread...look for POSSE!

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Hi! I have been in and out of here for about 3 years. When I started, POTM was still going on. I enjoyed checking in on it, but never noticed a drop in any other ideas showing up here nor anyone feeling left out because they didn't do a POTM. I certainly never did a POTM and never felt left out, but enjoyed what creativity others seem to have. I say - Let the POTM roll on and let's see what creativity we have on this forum.

Ms. Faith

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i've been few for a few years since i retired. check in and sometimes share. i love the POTM. we've always participated or not. i say we go for it!

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