Insomniac asparagus

steve_in_los_ososDecember 11, 2012

Where I live asparagus has a hard time going to sleep because the weather is so mild. Most people around here seem to cut down the ferns after Thanksgiving, no matter what. Sometimes I have some of them browned by then, but a lot is still green.

Of course, once the plot is clear and I've laid down some fert., compost and mulch, the asparagus starts growing again (!). So last night we had fresh asparagus with dinner.

My question is, is there any other way to manage this? Should I actually let the new growth just grow and not harvest anything until Spring, or should I just cut what comes up (like I did yesterday) and consider it a gift? Seems like the plants will just get tired again before Spring.

I should add that when I stop cutting as the spears get thin in late Spring/early Summer, then I get more fat ones which grow into ferns. And the fat ones just keep coming.

Anyone else in this kind of circumstance, and if so, how do you manage your asparagus?

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I get a few spears throughout June-September. They aren't quite as good as the spring spears, but still good eating. I cut the ferns to 1.5 inches in early November, when most are dead or well faded.

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