tin can cross

oldcrafty(8)June 7, 2011

Was driving thru a neighborhood in a nearby by town and spotted this unique cross hanging on the fence. Of course I applied the brakes and backed up for a closer look.....2 things in my favor....it was real close to the road and I happened to have my camera with me!!! Without getting out of the car for a closer look(and that was hard to do, not get out for a closer look that is!) I could tell it's aluminum beverage cans that have been spray painted and attached to a piece of board. Has anyone ever seen this done? How do you'll think the cans might be attached to the wood? Sure want to make one.

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Marlene Kindred

I've not seen this done, but by looking at it, it seems as though they cut out a cross background of wood most likely, then painted that, then probably screwed the cans from the back of the pattern. Then they spray painted the cans and attached it to the fence.

Pretty cool looking....

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Love it... I think Marlene is right about mounting it... you could use the long rain gutter nails if that is where you wanted it permanetly... me I move things around :)

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I think they used screws to fasten it to the board, I think nails would be more likely to work themselves loose in the wind. Looks very neat & attractive! Jan

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Aluminum cans are so lightweight -- all it would take is some E-6000 to glue it to a wooden cross. It would never fall apart . Nice & Simple ------ and beautiful !

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You could see that the cans are definately mounted on to a cross shaped piece of wood just slighly smaller than the area the cans cover. Mounting the whole thing to the fence would be easy, my question was how to mount the cans to the cross shaped foundation board. I was thinking glue, but not quite sure which glue, not sure there would be enough for a screw to hold on to going thru just one thin layer of aluminum. Wasn't sure about the GEII silicone that is also used so much for outdoor projects. The e6000 sounds good too, as I do recall it making a good bond. Thanks for you'lls inputs.

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Gorilla glue is very good for out side it will glue wood to met .

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Cool idea! I agree with the rest of the posters regarding the wood background and the glues.

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