Starting seedlings indoors

CentralCADad(9)December 20, 2013

I've just finished getting the new garden area soil balanced and ready to go all ph levels in great range I am going to start all my seedlings late February and add new seeds every week or so to ensure staggered harvesting. I'm doing them in Pete pellets and domes. I'm going to use heating pads and put them under 400w HPS light in the garage.. Do I put them on 24hr light then when ready temp them or harden as some call it or will the change in 24hrs of light then go to march light from sun make them think it's time to bloom as a supposed to vegg growth? Or is there a better light schedule for seedlings like 18 light 6dark or 12/12 etc? I normally put them in sun room but next year we added a lot more plants to the garden so I need more space so it's a light over sun light to pop them any thoughts on the matter.

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are we talking just your basic veges here? If so then there is no need for anything more than cheap fluorescent lighting on a 12/12 schedule. Using hid lighting is overkill to say the least unless you are going to grow full size plants that you want to fruit indoors. I start all of my vege seedlings indoors and this method has worked very well for me. Hope this helps.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

thepodpiper, Tha is an impressive set up and the results are obvious.
It that what you CURRENTLY have or it is done last year? The reason I am asking this because in my estimation it seems to be a bit early for zone 6. Unless you want to have real BIG seedlings for plant out.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

All I have to say is WOW. I thought my setup was nice lol. It's piddly compared to this -- very nice!!

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Thanks, pic is from couple years ago. Still do it the same way though.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

CentralCADad - just so you know the Growing from Seed forum here has all sorts of FAQs and info/tips/discussions on your questions.

You might be especially interested in all the discussions about the many problems with using peat pellets.


Here is a link that might be useful: Growing from Seed forum

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That is very impressive my next house I'll have to strive for something like that WOW.Thanks I normal use sun light and flos but behind our home a farmer that just changed over to apricot orchard gave me the light for free and next yr will be our biggest plant using transplants. We have an area that gets a little shade during the day and my hope is that maturing the plants more for that section and another area w/more shape types of flowers for shaded areas. We normally start seed directly into dirt but have used Pete pellets before we use our home garden to help w/Girl Scout troop (our 2 girls) and the others to learn many of life's lessons. We grow a lot of tomatoes and wild colored items like purple cauliflower,purple beans it keeps keep them interested in the long process of food production. I don't have the space so it's in the cold garage for them. With a heating pad and the hid light I thought would help keep the area a little warmer. The farmer said to keep the light close to the plants but watch for heat melting plastic domes feel the heats range w hand and adjust a little higher. You seem to have flos higher off the plants did I get bogus info? Were only growing around 60-70 plants and giving any extra startlings to the neighbors we have Paul Robeson tomatoes this yr.. Thanks for all the help I'll start late feb plant seeds every week there after under 12/12 light cycle and by march last frost long gone transplant them after hardening them off. And thank u I looked up Pete next next yr will change again. I tested soil yesterday and after adding organic matter some naturals frets and minerals I tested @7ph that should be good for multiple veggie varieties? Sorry so many questions we learned to flood the rows not allow the girls to directly spray the plants which they enjoy we had afew varieties wilt and some didn't recover.. Anyway thanks

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