Caring for a Kalanchoe

country459October 17, 2007

I received a kalanchoe in August. It was doing really well at first - lots of beautiful blooms, nice thick leaves, etc. After it quit blooming, I cut the blooms off (it looks like it might bloom again). But, the leaves are now turning yellow and I can't figure out why. Am I overwatering or underwatering? Too much sun or not enough (it's sitting in a north window)? Some of the small leaves are drying up (toward the bottom), but some of the big leaves toward the top are turning yellow but don't look dry at all. Thoughts?

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Without knowing how often you do water, but that kalanchoe is a succulent, chances are the problem is overwatering.

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I would say not enough light, which is kind of the same thing as saying overwatering. Either water a lot less, or give it a lot more light. Ideally both: unless you have an exceptionally large north window, live in an exceptionally sunny climate, and have an exceptionally reflective white building to your north, the plant's going to start trying to stretch to get more light, and if it's not getting as much light as it wants, it's probably not using as much water as you're giving it, either.

It needs filtered / dappled sun at the absolute minimum, and is really best suited for full sun in a south window. Water when, and *only when*, the soil is dry halfway down the depth of the pot. Too much more than that and you're just asking for the roots to rot.

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Right now, I water about every 8 days or so. Maybe I'll try moving it and watering it less ...

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I take it you have Flaming Katie,Kalanchoe blossfeldiana? This is normally a winter flowerer and appreciates a rest after flowering.(tho many are forced to flower at other times of the year) When mine has finished flowering I cut it back hard and reduce watering.(unlike many succulents I find these need quite a lot of water during the growing period) The leaves go yellow and it partially shuts down. Then next season i repot and increase water and light.

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