Vines for growing indoors

thatadeniumguyNovember 25, 2013

I already have pothos, english ivy, goldifsh plant, lipstick plant, monstera deliciosa, and a few others. Any other easy vining houseplants? I'm looking for something that grows fast and has that twining behavior. I have a hot, humid area that stays in the 60's even in the winter and grow lights and northern, eastern, and western window exposure to choose from (no southern).

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How about a hoya, passion flower, black-eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), mandevilla and/or dipladenia, tradecsantia...just a few I can think of fast.


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I already have hoya, mandevilla, and tradecsatntia. Are you sure passionvine is going to do ok indoors? Doesn't it have dormancy? I like the fhunberghia tho.

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Can you grow kudzu or virginia creeper indoors? How well will it do? What are the chances of english ivy flowering indoors? What's a fast-growing ivy that flowers reliably? I don't care how pretty the flowers are, just as long as you can see them.

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I have passion flower for abt. 4 yrs now, overwinters indoors. It also grows really well for me, and I have taken cuttings & rooted them number of times. It also blooms all the time, no dormancy here!
I keep it outside in appropriate weather.
I have 3 small thunberghias that I grew from cuttings also (just this summer). They were only about 4-5" when all of them had flowers too. I don't have photo. I believe they will grow as well as passion vine.
Why would you want kudzu or english ivy? They both can be very vigorous (should I say invasive?) - but I don't really know if they will grow well inside. I am not sure but think that kudzu is really 'bad guy' - you should check it out.

You can always try something like petunia, morning glory, cardinal climber (I had this one outside, it is vigorous) or potato vine or even Malabar spinach (this one is edible too) from seeds, but really don't know how well they would do inside.

I have grown Plectranthus too (have only few small cuttings now), it has nice flowers. One supposed to look out for mealybugs, spider mites and scale on it - I have been lucky & didn't have any - so far!

Some succulents have trailing habit (maybe I should say 'hanging'? - they look good in hanging baskets) - Burro's tail, string of pearls, holiday cacti comes to mind.


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val1(z4 UT)

I love my String of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii. It grows very fast and blooms almost all the time. It has very small leaves and cute little flowers.

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How about something like Ibervillea lindheimeri. It even makes an edible berry. It has tendrils (I know you want twining), but the tendrils are so tiny it can climb curtains, walls or the other plants. It also has a wicked caudex that will make you burn the Adeniums and replace them with Ibervilleas. (Just kidding, you know that.)

Every late summer I take the one here back down to the root, and it regrows. The shoots were about 4 inches long on Saturday, today (about 48 hours later) they are over a foot long, looking for a crack to grab onto.

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I absolutely love my ceropegia woodii as well, but I am very, very envious of Val1's flowers! This plant was grown from two 3" cuttings, started in April of 2012. Although I've got it up to maybe 9 at this point, and they're all long enough to loop around the pot ... no flowers yet.

Looking in the pot, I see a lot of tubers developing in the soil. I'm hoping that's a sign that many of the vines are getting mature enough to flower. I'll be over the moon to finally see flowers!

Edited to add that I'd be happy to send some cuttings, rooted or otherwise! It roots very, very easily.

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