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imjustsam(6)June 26, 2012

The other day I was taking Mom for appointments and such. All of a sudden I had to spin the car around because I saw my favorite sign "Free Please Take". Mom thought I was nuts. There by the road were 3 galvanized tub. This made my week. I decided to plant one of them with some herbs and put it next to the vegetable garden. This area on the right was just dug up this year because the utility company put up a new utility pole. I didn't want to plant too much because they need to come back and take the old pole down. I did add some wild tomatoes that were growing and junk and pots of course.Everything in this photo I either made or garbage picked.

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Looks great. I never see signs like that. If I see something I can use waiting for garbage day I just stop and liberate it. My husband hates this, but I have made some great things this way.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Looks great! I'm sooo jealous!! I have been waiting to find good galvinized pots in the trash but have yet to do so. Our neighbors have a shed they might take down full of good junk. I'm hoping they will be around soon so I can offer to clean it out for them :D I had to go in it the other day to take out their garbage for them (I agreed to since they wouldn't be there) and saw a coal hod, a galvinized bucket, some old tools and other various rusty stuff. I think I was drooling a little, lol. I wonder if they would realize it was their old "junk" if they did see it in my landscape (IF they accept my offer to clean it out, I wouldn't liberate it without permission of course)....

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Marlene Kindred

WOW! Lucky you! I never see signs like that either. Love the galvanized tub and I also like the white iron chair with the plants in it! Great save!

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Wow what a great find!!! I am jealous as well!!! Glad they found a new home to make great use of them. Looks great!

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I curb shop a lot-LOL
I haven't found any thing galvanized lately
but have in the past.
Iamjustsam, I like what I SEE!
Glad you found it.
eclectic, I hope you get to clean out their shed.
Sounds great!

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Wow! Great finds & great recycling! I'm trying some galvanized tub gardening this yr, too ... doing pretty good with it ...hard part is drilling holes in the bottom if it's not rusted out! You found some great things here, sam! Love it! Jeanne S.

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@Jeannespines - Al I did was hammer out the bottom with a nail in several places, it seemed to go thru pretty easily.

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Thought I left a message! Love your new planted tub & the chair beside it is terrific!! I'd love 1 of those! Sure brightens up a corner even while waiting for old pole to come out. Tomatoes may need to spread out more too. Jan

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Not sure how I missed this - love it all! Never see signs like that around here either:( Couple wks ago I [secretly] rescued a bucket from my own curbside trash pile just minutes before pick up. Dh had tossed it because the bottom was rusted it out. (it once belonged to my dad, grrr). Planted it up quick while he was running errands.
He commented later on how nice it looked but if noticed the container he didn't say so. Now if he asks about it, I'll just tell him I *liberated* it! Lol. TFS


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