A good bush type melon

novagrdnr7aDecember 27, 2011

I'm looking to conserve some space in my garden this coming season and so was looking to try a bush variety cantaloupe. Burpee's Honey Bun gets poor reviews and another I am considering is Green Machine. If anyone can offer an opinion on those or any others with which you've had success, thank you.

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Minnesota Midget is an early maturing cantaloupe. It has short vines, and is compact. The melons are smaller though; what size with weight are you looking for with cantaloupe?

Minnesota Midget also fares well with cool climates; I plan to order seeds for it. If you'd like a packet please e-mail me @ Jesusbeloved29@yahoo.com

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Sleeping Beauty gets my vote.

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Thanks for your replies and your offer kawaiineko. I'm not sure about the size I'm looking for, maybe something 4-5 inches and in the 2-3 pound range but with shorter vines that won't trail all over and interfere with my other plantings. Green Machine from Baker Creek Seeds is one I'm strongly considering.

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Green machine is a nice little cantaloupe in the Netted Gem class. The green flesh can be excellent, but some times when conditions are not right can be dissapointing. Minnesota Midget has amore conventional cantaloupe taste also a good little melon. There are bushier types available including Honey Bun, Bush Star. These are hybrids.I know little about Sleeping Beauty except that it is compact, very small ( under 1 lb) and was developed by Merlyn Niedens who also developed Green Machine, Golden Jenny,Sweet Passion,

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