Birdbath Pixie Garden

excessfroufrou(7)June 28, 2010

I think it was GoldenPond that had the miniature garden in a leaky birdbath that inspired this project. I made plans for a fairy garden and then found this pixie, so it morphed into a pixie garden. This is my kind of project, the most expensive thing was the pixie for $2.00, everything else under $1.00 and it took me about 30 minutes to put together. Some of my favorite things are the squirrels on the ladder ( a pot hanger), the garden arch with little pond ( a candle holder), and the tiny little garden trowel and pot. This was such fun, that I'm still planning a fairy garden, believe it or not, I have two leaky birdbaths. I think the fairy garden will be more whimsical and colorful, I wanted to keep this one kind of natural.


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Very Cute! Those glass 'shrooms are cool too. Love your garden. Cheryl

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Oh so cute !!! Love it !!! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing.


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Totally adorable! I love every bit of it! Where did you buy the moss from?

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Yes it was me. I love pixies.I have a collection that finds their way on top of my cabinets everyChristmas.They peak from behind the greenery!
Great job! Wasn't that fun??!!!!!!!

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Cheryl, the large shroom has a solar light in it. Tanya, I have a few Christmas pixies also, but this was the first garden pixie that I've found. tbledsaw, the moss grows in my yard on a brick pathway where it's shady. I'm always pulling it up to use in projects and it just grows right back. Before anyone ask about the granite marker, my DM was cremated and wanted her ashes spread in the mountains. She didn't care if she had any memorial marker or not, so I had this made and put in my flower bed, and I think of her all the time when I'm out working yard. If I were to move, I could just take it with me.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I love all the little details. That is just adorable! What a pretty birbath and pedestal too. I remember seeing those mushrooms, they really look good in the garden!

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What a great way to repurpose a birdbath - I love it! Great job!

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I love it, very creative!

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I love that ! what a great way to remember you DM.I want to do one.

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LOVE it!!!! Way to go...don'tcha just love when a project just comes together so smoothly! Today I started something...(completely forget what it was now!lol) and ended up doing something totally different and exhausting!ha! Jane-O Sidetracko!

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Oh My is that cute or what! I have a cracked bird bath that belonged to my mom and have been thinking what to do with it, I was thinking mosaic, but I have never done that before, but something like this would be great, I hope you don't mind if I take your idea and come up with a theme for my mom's birdbath.
Just Love it


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I love it! Sometimes the fairy gardens get lost in the yard but this is a great way to contain a little vignette and keep it at a level so it stands out. Very pretty and well done. I like your little rock riverbed. The glass mushrooms add just the right amount of whimsy to the scene. And what a great way to remember your DM!

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Marlene Kindred

Your pixie garden is just too cute Frou! Love the squirrels on the ladder too! The whole setting is just so pretty! Great save on the leaky birdbath!

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