My first glass bird bath

shadyswing(z5)June 25, 2010

I've been in lurk-mode for a few weeks here and I just have to share what an inspiration you all are! Such creativity, from subtle accents to wonderfully whimsical works, has kept me drifting through hosts of posts to where I had to just try my hand at making a piece for my own garden.

So, here it is, my first attempt at a thrift-glass bird bath! It measures 25" tall and consists of 10 pieces of various vases, plates, and such that I found around. I obtained most of the pieces from Goodwill; one piece from the dollar store; and the heavy base I had on hand(recent demise of my microwave). I did buy the 5-buck top from Wally world as I had a difficult time finding a vessel of the depth that I preferred. All in all, I am pleased with how my first piece of "garden junk" turned out and can't wait to set it out in the garden once it's cured.

I didn't know if you bird bath creators adhered your tops to the stems or not, so I opted for not, thinking it might be easier to clean out when needed if I could just lift it off. I did however, adhere a small votive candle holder to its bottom (a knob, so to speak) which nestles into the recess of the stem's top piece, for easy centering more than anything. Here's hoping it's heavy enough to stay put should someone's poorly kept cat or thirsty squirrel come by. Anyway, thank you for looking...and for the inspiration!

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classy...always loved totems and so many ways to make one..Thumbs Up!

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A very elegant first effort. And welcome to the forum. I think the all clear ones are some of the prettiest totems. The idea of having a lift off top is a good one if you can make it stable enough. I don't think paying $5.00 for just the right piece is too much. I try to average around $10.00 a totem and under. Thanks for the pic, I wouldn't be surprised to see you back soon with new creations, it's very addicting.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Welcome! Nice birdbath.
I don't have bird baths cuz of my cats, but I didn't glue the top on one totem so I can change the led light. I did like you and found a piece that it could sit over and kind of be held on that way.

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Thank you so much for your kind welcome and for the compliments on my first endeavor!

Having shared the photo with my son, he wondered if the slick surface of the glass might make it difficult for birds to perch on or use to bathe - Has anyone had experience with birds making use of their glass baths?

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Your birdbath is really pretty. Like shadyswing, I was wondering about the shiny base for the birds and then I thought to myself that you could put a layer of aquarium gravel in the bottom and that would solve the problem since it is nontoxic and you could change colours with your mood, garden colour scheme, or the season.

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Very pretty! And I like the idea of the votive candleholder (knob) to keep the bowl in place! Personally, I've only made a couple birdbaths...1 for a gift...but my problem is they get so "cruddy lookin" from country living here! I'll make a separate thread with the I don't hi-jack your posting here.

Lookin' forward to see more from you, shady! Glad you posted a pic! Jeanne S.

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Sorry, I didn't read your name under the first post with the picture, so I didn't realize when I responded to the last post that you were the same person. I'm new here, so I guess I have a lot to learn.

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome Shadyswing!! Glad to have you join our group and those of us who are totemholics are more than happy you're here! Love your birdbath! Love the idea of the knob too!
The birds around here don't seem to mind the glass sides of my birdbaths at fact, sometimes they just slide right in and make a game out of sliding and hopping! Funny to watch. All of my tops are adhered to the base, so you might want to keep a watch and see how it works not being attached. You could always put some stones or large glass globs in to help weight the top down if needed.

Great job! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Very pretty!!!

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You are all too kind -Thank you!

Gravel's a good idea, Fuzzy, or I was thinking of a pretty flat rock (for ease in cleaning).

Oh Marlene -I hope that's the case with my BB too, that the birds will see it as a water park! lol As for the loose top, it's a pretty heavy piece (thick Anchor Hocking serving tray), so it's more a matter of balance should a critter other than a bird hop onto its edge... time will tell (I have a back-up piece)

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Glad you joined us, Shady. (and all the other new folks that I might have missed saying 'hi' to.)

That is a wonderful birdbath. If the birds don't love it,
I'll take it off your hands. LOL.


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Lovely texture and shape! I'm sure the birds will love it. And what a wonderful idea for making the top detachable but relatively stable! I bet it will be stunning in the garden where it can sparkle. I hope to see more of your creations soon!

Oops ... almost forgot ... welcome out of lurkdom! Glad you made it!

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Welcome & nice birdbath. It is about height of mine I think & I looked out 1 day to see a very large neighborhood cat sipping away. He was so cute I ran & got my camera don't know if I still have the pic or not but he looked my way after I got it & kept sipping. Mine is glass with stained glass inside of it with a metal rim. Grout is kind of gray rubbery stuff. It's a hummingbird getting nectar out of flowers I think, just cleaned it tonight would think I would remember. Anyway as I mentioned on another post gift for getting "Birds & Bloom" magazine several years ago. I would go with a large flat rock that takes up about 1/3 of top & drop in large copper fitting 1 1/2 in. x 3/4 in. to help keep slimyness down. I would have a hard time cleaning it with gravel in it. Too gross for me! I keep scrub brush outside near the birdbath! Jan

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Welcome Shady! Love your Birdbath it looks so elegant!
Can't wait to see your other creations because once you do one you get addicted, LOL


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kudzukween(8 MS)

So beautiful :D You did a great job on it! I use a large piece of petrified wood in mine...just one slimy thing to take out and clean :D lol I used colored flat marbles but it eventually got too messy cleaning all that, pretty though if you don't keep water in it! I tried that, but it filled up when it rained no matter what :D My poor dog Uncle Jack knocked over the one in the front yard and it broke the bowl. I bought a new punch bowl a few months ago, but haven't gotten around to fixing it've inspired me :D

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Welcome, shadyswing. The BB is beautiful. Good job. The first patio side table I made was all clear glass and I'm thinking about making another one.

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Thank you for the continued warm welcomes and for the great suggestions, all! I've already picked up a pieces for my next BB!

Kudzu, love the name of your dog, Uncle Jack. I have an old Uncle Peanut over here (young granddaughter deemed him uncle-worthy). = : )

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