Greenhouse #2

raforJune 2, 2010

Couldn't remember how to get pics in the post, so went this route. Hopefully you can see them.

That's as far as we got over the 3 day weekend. Now it will sit and wait until this weekend when we start up again. Putting the windows in will be like a puzzle. I've only decided where the various doors will go so far.

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Marlene Kindred

Looking good! I put your link here so hopefully folks can just click on it and see your pix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rafor's greenhouse

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That's awesome Rafor! May I ask how you decided on the size and the slope of the roof?

Are you going to the garden stuff sale in Concord on Saturday?

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Thanks Marlene! I still don't know how to do that so it's nice to have people step in and help the hopeless :)

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That is wonderful, keep us posted. When we built ours that we got 20 windows and 2 doors for free and spent $500.00 on lumber to put it together (it was really about $300.00). But we love it.

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Yes Kathy, I am going to go to that sale to see what she has created. As for the roof, I wanted a steeper pitch on this one than on the previous one we built. Hopefully the snow will slide off easily too!

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You lucky girl !!

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Keep us posted! I looks like it will be awesome!

As for pictures, they are pretty easy. When you click on your picture at Photobucket, there should be an "HTML" code that you can copy and paste. Just paste it into the message box. It will look like gobbledy-gook but when you preview your message, you'll see it appear.

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So this past weekend we put up the rest of the rafters and started with one plywood sheet for the roof sheathing. I had painted one side of all the plywood
sheathing so I wouldn't have to do the inside of the ceiling after it was installed. Couldn't see trying to reach up 18 feet to paint! After visiting the totem art show in Concord and all the rainy weather, that's all we got done on the greenhouse. DH said that was just as well since after Sat he woke up really sore Sunday. So he got a day off because of the rain (certainly not because of me since I am such a slave driver!). No really interesting pics of progress to show, but I can't wait for the next fun step: starting to puzzle out the window placement for the sides and installing those great narrow, tall french doors I got for free!!! Nest weekend can't come soon enough for me :)

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loribee2(CA 9)

Nest weekend can't come soon enough for me :)

I know. I would be having so much more fun if I could quit that pesky day job that keeps sucking up my time. lol

I'm enjoying watching your progress!

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