Umbrella frame trellis

jlily(Z6)June 26, 2009

The ice storm finished my umbrella-but the frame wasn't in too bad of shape. I added strings for the Moon Flower vines to climb on. Then added some things for some bling.Enjoy!! Jlily

and another

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Wow! Makes a great trellis!!Love the purple chair & the white flowers on it really "POP" Nice save!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

I agree...the umbrella is going to look awesome when the vine completely fills it, isn't it??? And the purple chair is just wonderful!! Great color choices!

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Great idea. Love the purple chair.


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I love the umbrella trellis! Yippeee, someone else has decided to make one! :-) I'm sorry about the ice doing in part of it though.....How do you have yours anchored in the ground? Mine is the metal kind and it fits in a pvc sleeve inside of brackets screwed to the side of my wood raised beds. The top of the umbrella I have clothesline attched from the pole to two opposite sides (one to the opposite end of the flower bed and one to the other side of my patio cover) to keep it from flying away. Originally I thought my neighbors may protest saying it looked like a giant TV antennae. BUT, when it fills in you can't even see it. Also, I wanted to ask you---the strings you have are they more for guiding the plant so it gives a fuller shape as it fills in? I wanted mine to look more like a umbrella to give a canopy look. I used tree sleeves all up the center umbrella post---one on top of the other. It has slots so the plant tendrils can easily grasp to it.
Thanks for sharing and I LOVE your purple chair in the garden!

Love, Jules

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Great idea! Makes a wonderful trellis.


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awesome idea.... next one I see at the curb, im grabbing it... I will use it in my veggy garden for beans!!!!!!!!

Yeah! great idea you shared!!!


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Oh you ladies! Just when I think I've seen it all, you come up with a new idea! Your umbrella trellis is beautiful...scratching my head wondering if I could get away with stealing one of my daughter's yard umbrellas. Think she'd notice??? LOL!

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Ok, so I hope you don't mind me posting a photo as well. My morning glory is taking off (this photo was from a couple years ago)! Pretty soon it will look like an ominous being out there (I planted another this year INSTEAD of a passionflower vine). (Out of the corner of my eye from my kitchen the umbrella trellis looks like a person standing out there by my pond).

Love, Jules

Here is a link that might be useful: Morning Glory Umbrella Trellis

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I was too anxious to show my trellis to wait for it to fill out. I drove a steel pipe into the ground to support the umbrella. I wanted it to fill out the shape of the umbrella so I ran more lines from the top supports to midway down. Jules I love your umbrella trellis also. (great minds think alike) The purple chair was donated from someone's dumpster. Purple is my favorite color!!Enjoy Jlily

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I love it! Now I know what I will do when my umbrella finally wears out! I keep thinking each year is the last but then it holds on for one more..(-:

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I love this! I have one of those umbrellas with the base that you fill with water & you hand crank the cloth open. I failed to keep the cloth covered so it has started to rip & shred. I have no idea if you can re-place the cloth on this type of umbrella. I've been racking my brain about what I could do with the stand. I could "steal/borrow" this idea! Thanks.

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That's some tasty lemonade you made from the lemons! Love the trellis and the purple chair.

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jlilly I just saw the post back from 09 that you posted to show your umbrella trellis. What a unique and awesome idea. I love it! I told my husband that I wanted to make one and he just shook his head and said, "I knew you were looking for an idea for the garden!" So now we will be looking for an old patio umbrella! Thanks for the inspiration1

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