Gardenia Jasminoides Brown Leaves

yazan87November 26, 2011

Dear All,

My Gardenia Jasminoides leaves are turning brown in a strange way, even the buds, and they are dropping when touched..

The brown color starts at random parts of the leaves (edge, side, base) and spreads to cover the whole leaf area.

I really need help in this.

Please check the photo link that clarifies the situation by showing some of the leaves that I took off.

My plant is indoors, it receives bright light (No direct sunlight) I water it regularly and it does not get wet feet.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I don't know the latitude of Jordan, but here (at about 31 degrees) Gardenias grow outside in full sun. Sometimes mine gets a black mildew that goes away on its' own but it's usually uniform across the leaves, not splotchy like your leaves. I don't know what that is but would urge you to give your plant some direct sun. That may help with the overall health. Hopefully someone will recognize what's wrong with your leaves. Are you able to share a pic of the whole plant?

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Yaz..was your Gardenia in the cold? 32F or less.

I'm not 100% certain, but the leaves look frost-bit.

Since you keep indoors, 'I'm assuming?' was it near an opened window or one where cold air seeped in?

Frost-bit leaves are grayish-black. Sometimes pictures are deceiving, and colors aren't true.

Perhaps someone else has an answer. If you can't get help here, try the Fragrance Forum. Most have Gardenias, in and outdoors. Toni

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Thanks a lot guys for the reply

I really cannot figure out how to solve this..

I cant put the plant outside to take enough light because the temperature ranges below 15C.

At the same time, im not sure if the temperature is fine.

I can only guarantee that the water i give it is enough.

is it a problem if the water has chlorine in it?

here are some other pictures to show more parts of the plant itself.

Btw, it is having many buds but they are not blooming.

Please I need some guidance here, i dont want to lose my plant..

Thanks a lot!

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