Rain Chain with recirculating pump water

nbacres(4 NW IA)June 26, 2009

A couple of years ago I was at a inspiritural (junk) center and saw a rain chain made with little cups and pvc, I think, tube running up thru the middle of the cups to recirculate the water from a tub. The pvc was connected to a small fountain pump.

Has anyone made one of these? I've got some minature metal baskets with handles and am trying to figure out a way to incorporate them in a water feature on our deck.

Any inspiritural (junk) ideas???

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We have done rain chains in the past, but none
that re-cycle the water. What a great idea! Almost like a
All you folks put your minds to it!
I know you can figure it out!

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Ok, first off you make sure you get a strong enough pump for the heighth of water. There is some sort of equation of GPM and height of lift. Also the size of the tubing and the GPM will determine how the water comes out--spraying or dribbling. I don't know if the one you saw used the clear tubing up through the center of the baskets/funnels but that would hide the tubing. I'm hoping some of my thought may help you determine what you will need. I think it is a VERY inspirational idea! Make me want to make one too!

Let us know how things come together.
Love, Jules

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This is in our GJ Ponds n Fountains album. I had found the picture on the BHG garden site. They call it Rain Chain Fountain. You might be able to look it up and see if there are instructions.

hugs, Karen

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HGTV has one, but not with a pump set up. This one just relies on rain.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: rain chain fountain HGTV

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

I don't think SusieWantsRoses's rain chan has a pump, but I hope she'll post a pic of her wonderful Rain Chain! It's extra pretty .... SusieRose, you there?!

I don't know anything about setting up one with a pump, but I'm sure others here will help you out.

Karen, your examples are fantastic! Wish I had one of those! ~tenderlee

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Here is our copper and brass. It catches rain from an area on the roof where rain flows heavily. I love the pump idea!!!! Go For it!!!!

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OK ladies...NOW you've got me thinking. I LOVE the rain chain fountains! I've just gotta make myself one now! ....heading out the door to do some garage saling...maybe I'll find something to use for this project!

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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

susiewantsroses, your porch is so pretty. I love the black things used to hold the shutters back - what are they called and where can you get them?

Loved all the rain chains.


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kelly_oh(OH z6)

So, I love rain chains, I'm slowly finding pieces I want to make one with, of course I had to check out this post. Susie, your porch has totally distracted me from the rain chain idea, and I am completely in LOVE with your swing. It looks wider than a normal swing, maybe just the angle of the shot? But all I can think of now, is how lovely it would be to curl up on that swing and nap while the fan moves the air around.

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I love the idea of the fountain rain chain(-: I think if you check Harbor Freight you will find a pretty good deal on a large enough pump to work for this project! Looks like a fun thing to do(-: I think I have to many pumps running right now to add this in but if I could I would!!!!

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nbacres(4 NW IA)

purplemoon & susiewantsroses: great pics. I moved my little colored pails from the "someday do something with this" tote to the "this could turn into something" shelf.

Found a couple fountain pumps in my greenhouse - now have to convince my DH that a trip to the hardware store needs to include clear pvc tubing & a tube of silicone. I was drilling holes in some old plastic tubs and found a drill bit that would work perfect to make the holes in the pails so we're covered there.

In an old shed I found black iron plant hangers (I suspect from a generation or so ago) and think I can hang the chain and pvc on that and then have the water drop down from the hanger into cast iron kettle (yup, another item used a generation or so ago).

My experimental "straw bale gardening" project is taking a little more effort than I thought - need more timely rain in Iowa so I don't have to remember to turn the soaker hose on and off every day (does anyone else ever wake up in the middle of the nite & wonder if a facet was turned off :( .......grrr)

Keep the ideas & pics coming - they're GREAT!!!

Happy GJ'ing.

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todance- Those black thingys are called "Shutter Dogs". I wanted them for years but they are a fortune to purchase at Restoration Hardware. Even ebay was pricey. I was considering cutting some out of wood and 'goin faux' with it. God Himself!!!!!!!, must have smiled at me one day and I found the 'real deal' at a resale shop. The shutters were also a resale find.

kelly oh- That swing is called a Swing Bed. It holds a twin sized mattress ($10.00 yard sale and I made the cover and pillows out of scrap exterior fabric). Yes girl, if you drive by at the right time I will be laying there. Sometimes with coffee, sometimes with the mail, sometimes with a garden shovel and dirty gloves in my lap. Sometimes we hang a mosquitoe net above it for evenings. Hubs put a sterio speaker and vollume control out there.

We never vacation- NEVER. So I found out that Bed & Breakfast places in the Carribean (and I'm sure some in the U.S.) have those swing beds. I found a Swing Company in Virginia who ships from FL. (Porch Swings Plus) The freight weight was 250 lbs.

nb- I'll trade you my porch for your greenhouse! I cant wait to see your water feature!!!!!

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Any progress on the rain chain? I have got to quit reading old posts. The new ones give me more plans then I will ever do. I can just see me at 95 sitting in a swing at the nursing home says "I want one of those"

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