Having a crisis garden is my dream

MartalanNovember 29, 2011

With each era that passes there groups of people who are determined to not only survive but thrive in the perilous times in which we live. Having a crisis garden is one easy way to ensure you and your family have enough food to weather tough times.

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Martalan. It wouldn't hurt starting a crisis garden. Believe me, I've thought about doing the same many, many times. The only problem is, we're in a cold climate, so we can't plant, outdoors until May.

But if your climate permits you to garden year round, I'd do it. We don't know what the future will bring.

With all the talk about 2012, if something were to happen, you'd be semi-prepared. On the other hand, if the world continues as is, you'd have a nice garden w/edibles. Either way ou can't lose.

But, let's hope nothing happens. Toni

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Hi Martalan
What a great idea--I too am in cold climate so veggie gardening is seasonal--I try to freeze a few green beans for a snowy winter day--yummy--
I did read about a gal bringing her extra veggies to the homeless--we all can contribute and we do have to be concerned about our families and their needs--I have a situation in my own family--and I do give grocery store gift cards for the holidays-- I have never had success growing veggies in doors -- yet others do ???
Lets all hope and pray for our Country that we continue to have the necessities of life-- with the help of others --our town has several food pantries and many good people helping to clothe and feed those with less.. After working in a food pantry it sure puts things into perspective
Best to you Mari

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marquest(z5 PA)

I have concentrated on buying houseplants and tropicals. I guess I need to get a handle on real life needs. LOL I might need to eat to be here to tend my first plant love.

I have grown tomato and some peppers in years past but I have never really liked to grow food. It just never seemed like fun for me and my growing things in dirt has always been about fun for me and not need.

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Having a Crisis Garden is a great idea! I have been planting a garden every year for the past ten years. I found a place that sells these nice sealed kits for long term storage at www.myseedcellar.com The survival seed bank was only $15 and included shipping. I was a bit skeptical of what kind of product I was gonna get for 15 dollars, but I was totally surprised of how well they were packed and the variety they included. I bought three more kits after getting the first. I live in Maryland so our climate is well suited for gardening. I planted one of the kits and it did really well. All of the seeds were open pollinated and non-hybrid. Next year I am going to plant some of the seeds I saved to see how well they will preform. But for now I can say those kits are well worth it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Survival Seed Bank from myseedcellar.com

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Yes, but who's going to water the tomatoes after I get hit by the asteroid?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I wish they listed what was in the kit. Got it bookmarked. Looking for acreage in a sub-tropical climate, and once we move, we'll be on this whole crisis garden thing for sure! This post should probably be in Edible Gardens or something.....

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