Cissus discolor... finally

cena60November 22, 2012

I have been looking for this plant over 15 years. A vendor called to ask me about it, "found an unique plant, is it something that interests you?"

For those that recognize my name, hoyas, succulents, orchids and unique plants have not been my focus the last three years...

I just wanted to share what fell into my lap, years after I quit looking.

And if the park bench doesn't lend size perspective...

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Lucky you! Doesn't something like that just brighten your day?! Lol - Happy Thanksgiving ..... now isn't THAT appropriate. It's a very attractive plant - and I hope you enjoy it for a loooong time, Cena.

I've carried the same small pocket knife for 35 or 36 years. I've "lost" it several times, but it usually just turns up after a day or two in the easy chair between the arm & the seat cushion, in the wash, or on one of my work benches where I left it after using it. This time though, it seemed gone for good after about 6 weeks of stewing over it. Maybe you need to be a guy with tool thing to get how upsetting losing an old favorite tool can be. ;-) Anyway ..... I had, just yesterday and very reluctantly, driven to a large sporting goods store to buy a replacement. When I got out of the car, for some reason I looked down at the seat. Somehow, the knife had fallen out of my pocket & under the seat. While cornering, it must have slid all the way over to the driver's side, because there it was on the carpeting, right next to the seat controls. I felt like jumping in the air & clicking my heels ...... probably a little like you felt at the news of your plant's availability ...... though I feel a little sheepish about comparing my 6 weeks to your 15 years.

Take care.


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Al, similar, but different. I'm sorta sheepish going into this plant's stewardship.

I started my own jewelry business two years ago, and have been consumed by that. If that is not enough, Dear Spouse got me a motorcycle for Christmas last year, and I've put 7,000 miles on it so far. Bodes ill for the plant, eh?

Hope the holidays find you well.

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Hey Cena...How are you? How was your Thanksgiving?
It's great seeing again.

Your Cissus discolor is the largest I'd ever seen..and the prettiest.
You should have emailed me, asking where Cissus were sold. :)

Cena, remember, a watched pot never boils. :)

Hope your new business does well..Congrats..

Motorcycles..please, be careful. Okay? They are exciting, the faster the better, but............

People come and go. Every so often, somemone from the past drops in, but most of the early regulars left for good.

Keep in touch, hugs, Toni

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I always see those selling at a local store by me, and they're very pretty but they're always half dead...they look difficult to keep happy. And things always have a way of showing up when we're not looking for them...anyways, you have a very beautiful plant there.


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Thanks, Toni.

I'm always careful, I've had my motor cycle license for 30 years. And my spouse is a Motorcycle Safety Instructor and has been for 20 years. All the protective gear, always safe.

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