Bricks and things

tehutiJune 1, 2012

I added 6 pictures to my photobucket account rather than post them individually:I'm getting sooo lazy. The pictures were taken with my MP3 player so don't judge them for quality.

Better than a pile of bricks - and the glass adds some needed color.

Yes, the orange ball is a refinished bowling ball mounted on top of a single cast iron foot (from an old stove). The brick is a painted concrete brick, Anubis is a metal silhouette and the star is a trinket.

Here is a link that might be useful: My photobucket

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Marlene Kindred

So Robert, did you hold up the local brick yard? You've been a busy guy...certainly not lazy! All of your "orbs" are very cool! Anubis is great looking and I think my favorite is the one that looks like it's made from pulley wheels. TFS!

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I Like them all!!! Especially the frog prince and the egyptian dog guy? and the stacked thing that looks like a space needle! Great suff! I just bought 4 cast aluminum camels at a fleamarket and now am inspired to incorporate them into something stacked!!!

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I'm running out of adjectives to describe your work ! It's clever and artistic , to say the least !
I wish I had some of your energy and creativity (8-0)

What I would really really like to see are pictures of "your stash". I'm imagining mountains of "parts" .
We have an artist in my area that makes things like you do. You can drive through his property and admire things as you go. You know what I admired the most ??? This huge mountain of stainless steel "things" behind his garage ! LOL

It had to be 20' high and 60' around. I would die for a stash like that ! Can you take a pic of yours ?

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Here is a pic of my camels....

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I always love your 'stuff' and the things you make with it!
Like the sound the gong/bell and you have.
I have several propane tanks that Bill cut for me before he died, and I have been procrastinating (and pulled muscle, sicatic nerve and other various things) about
getting them painted and hung. Hope mine sound as good as yours.
Keep up the good work!

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you never cease to amaze...wish you could bottle up some of that glorious "brain energy" and send to Cali.. awesome works of art... :)

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Love the sculptures...esp using the bricks! The Anubis is really cool! You make such wonderful creations, Robert! TFS your pics! Jeanne S.

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ladycraft(6b MO)

Nice work Robert. Is that some hyperturfa? Looks like you have been very busy.

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