Totems - Part 2

lesa59June 24, 2011

Another one....

Image link:

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Wow! That looks like a figural bottle on top, hope it's not an antique! Very tall & thin. Hope a wide base is buried underneath & it's in a protected area so wind won't knock it over but it is really unique & I love it. (Heavy weight base is helpful on totems for those new to making them & you bury it in dirt-microwave glass plate from old microwave oven works well- on this 1 you might even place 3-4 small rocks around on the mulch to keep it upright) Animals,wind etc can knock them over) Nice work! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Very unusual color and the figure bottle on top is really cool! I agree with Jan..since it is so tall, it's best to have a wide bottom on it.

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Wonderful totem! I like the figure on the top and the brown coloring. Very unusual!

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What a neat color, I don't think I've seen any like that in my local GW. And I've been too chicken to try one that tall, tho I keep wanting to.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone... The bottle on top I found at a garage sale - a whiskey bottle // I got that one, a green eagle and an amber owl... I tried looking to see if they were worth anything but didn't really find anything. All my totems do have a heavy base on the bottom & is planted as suggested -- these have been out for about two years (that's why they're a little dirty - need to be cleaned)... This one actually was broken by one of my yard guys & I had to add a couple of pieces to it because of how the break happened - that's why it's so tall // hope it doesn't break again, if so I'll have to make two different totems, I guess... Thanks! Lesa

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wow great totem! I'm loving the advice about the microwave plates ..I just made my first totem and it's a real tall one also although I did try be smart about the weight of the various pieces involved.

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