what is causing the leaf to wither on this Maid of Orleans?

dakinibeanNovember 20, 2011


Four of my plants had severe leaf drop after being taken inside for the winter. Two of my Maid of Orleans had their leaves dry up (see picture 2). I wasn't as worried because they tend to struggle when there is any change. However, the new growth is withering too! (See picture 1) Is it fungus?

I'm not sure whether it is related that my Meyer Lemon and/ Lime's leaf drop. They had a blast on the porch this summer, but lost almost all their leaves immediately when they came inside =(

I'm living in Massachusetts; the plants were outside for October after I moved to a new apartment with a huge porch. Any help would be wonderful!


Here is a link that might be useful: Sad Jasmine

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Your picture doesn't work. It takes me to something called Mobile Me. lol.

When you brought your MOO and Citrus inside, how warm was the room?
And, how warm/cold were temps when they were hauled in?

MOO's and Citrus need to acclimate. They should be placed in a cool, sunny room. Too hot or even warm can cause leaf drop.

If you don't have a room that isn't heated, plants should be brought indoors before it gets cold outside.

Some plants are more sensitive than others. Ficus are notorius for dropping leaves when moved...citrus will act up too, if placed in a hot, stuffy area.

In the meantime, place your plants in a very sunny window, preferably south or west. Shake plants so release loose foliage then discard. Don't leave, leaves in soil.

Reduce watering. Water when soil is dry. Drainage holes are very important. Withhold fertilizer, unless your location is warm and sunny.

Mist leaves daily, and shower once a week, if possible.

If you use Superthrive add 10 drops per gallon of water.

Proper watering and sun is most important. Soil on both plants must dry between waterings.

Last..As a precaution, check for pests. Good luck, Toni

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Hi Toni,

Thank you so much for your help! I'm embarrassed that I didn't reply earlier; I thought that I would be emailed if anyone responded. I'm also sorry I published a non-functioning link! I opened a photobucket account, which hopefully will work better.

I think you are right that I should have brought the plants indoors earlier, and I had stopped misting - which I had done rather regularly in my last apartment, but which kinda fell off the schedule during the weeks of slow unpacking =(

I started misting again, alternating w/ a very diluted rosemary/peppermint house-plant spray, water (and twice an anti-fungal spray). Still, the new growth on the Maid of Orleans appears to be being affected by the same withering force (you can see it a few leaves down from the top).

If you can tell me what is happening; or what will stop it, I'd appreciate it! I'll also make sure to keep checking for responses.

Thank you again, Toni!


Here is a link that might be useful: sad jasmine

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Your link is working now. Your jasmine looks like the last one I had, as it was dying. I think it was a combination of insufficient light and spider mites but it died so quickly I never knew for sure.

Do these plants go dormant? I don't know but there might be some hope in that.

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Thank you for your help! I checked for mites and didn't see any; maybe I'll get some prophylactic ladybugs.


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